Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Continuous Story!! Join in.

Today I want to incorporate some of my Creative Writing Club into my blog. 

I have had a wonderful time promoting creative writing both locally and online.  So far, my favorite project with the club has been the "round robin" exercise.  It is where one person starts the story then after a few lines or a turning point they stop and another person picks it up.  I would like to try that with my blog and see what happens.

The neat thing is that, since it will be on my blog, all future visitors can add to it also!!!  The only thing I ask is that people maintain a PG-13 rating with what you write.  Other than that, let's go mad with our imaginations.  The sillier, the better.  I just love the "BUT THEN," parts that changes it all.

Please share this link and invite all your friends to add at least one sentence!!

Round Robin Blog Story:

What if We Used Cookies Instead of Money

There was only one way to keep her quiet, and it was going to cost us.  He should have never let her into the apartment.  I had imagined this moment so many times, but never expected it to actually happen.
"Don't you dare come any closer," she said.


  1. "I want my cookies you cow!" I yelled at her.
    "You'll have to share some of your dough with me if you ever want to see them again," she sneered back at me.
    What was I going to do? What would Keebler do? He had gone right out of his tree to accumulate as many cookies as she had stolen.
    "I might be agreeable to tossing a few your way, Jersey," Keebler told her. How could he agree so quickly?

  2. Never trust an elf. Definately never cross one.

  3. I was learning fast about how the cookie crumbles and tried not to cry over spilled milk. Keebler had double crossed me one too many times and he was about to get burned!
    "How much is it going to cost us?" I asked half baked with rage, but trying to stay cool.