Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wearing Multiple Hats #amwriting

Today's post is about taking on the role of more than one job when it comes to books. These days, with the boom of ebooks and self-publishing, even traditionally published authors need to wear more than one hat.

Promoting our own work is vital and time consuming, but I'm learning that selling the books isn't the important part. Enjoying myself and connecting with my readers is the important part. You can't imagine what a relief this revelation was when it finally sank in. Or perhaps you can.

I'm not a natural salesperson. Selling is NOT in my blood. So, stressing over this aspect of books caused endless trouble for me. However, I do believe I'm a pretty cool, albeit weird/odd/eccentric, person. Yes, I'm quirky, but I'm me... I strive to be myself and not put on a phony image. It's far too exhausting to wear a mask all the time. That doesn't mean I always blurt things out or walk over people. I don't accept anyone doing that to me either.

Recently, I've also joined the ranks more fully of an author-illustrator. I've had children's books published in the past that I did alone, but I used mostly clip art and manipulated them slightly. At this point, I'm actually producing my own characters from scratch!

My writing hats:

  1. Writer
  2. Editor
  3. Illustrator
  4. Formattor
  5. Interior Designer
  6. Cover Artist
  7. Promotor
  8. Marketing Director
  9. Website Designer
  10. Blogger
  11. Teacher
  12. Student

I work on a massive budget... massively small. Necessity, passion, inspiration... these are my driving forces, Life is my teacher. I share my knowledge with others, thus teaching them. Some are even more experienced in this business than I am. But we can all learn and if the information is sound, does it really matter what the source is?

I'm an example of someone bound and determined to make dreams come true and reach my goals, large and small. Have I been successful? In many ways I'm still struggling on my journey, working to reach the goal of what I consider full success. However, I have already passed several goals, thus making me successful. 

I also think that, since I am still moving forward to the larger mountainous goals, that progress makes me successful. I don't think that success should be measured only in the final outcome. Each step forward is a success to me. 

It is so easy to give up - to simply lay by the wayside feelling sorry for myself. This is not what I want. I will no longer give up on my dreams. They are worth reaching and I am worthy of reaching them. I will reach them because in my heart I already have reached them... it's just a matter of taking the steps to get there. 

Sometimes when we are on the right path we have an over-abundance of obstacles jumping out to challenge us. This is the universe checking to see if we have the determination to push forward. We need to push on, not to prove to anyone else, but ourselves. We are on the journey. 

This is MY journey. I'm the one that needs to make it. I'm the one that will be there every moment of every step no matter who else is with me. Others will join me along the way, but whether they stay or leave will not alter my step. That's how it should be. I take my steps. You can walk with me, but it is not up to anyone else to carry me. You have your own steps to take; I have mine.

I've got this... so do you. 

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