Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stepping Stones

As I mentioned before, we need to take one step at a time and lay our own path toward our own goals. We can't make the entire journey in one step. Life and goals are all part of a process that we need to experience. Everyone has their own journey.

As such, we can't sit back and expect the stepping stones to simply appear before us and to float along the path. It takes effort. We must lay the stones ourself and at times we need to make an adjustment to our placement.

There will be times when we lay a stone in a place we think will lead us well, but then we discover a new obstacle and need to adjust. Not all adjustments will be easy either. We may even resent it. Esepecially if we need to take a step or two b

ack and reevaluate, losing what we deem as valuable, hard work gone to waste. But, if you hadn't done that hard work, you wouldn't have known that you needed to take a step back. So, as long as you're moving and working toward your goal, even these adjustments are not wasted effort.

I'm taking my steps. I'm moving forward. I'm putting myself out there so everyone can see my work. 

Not all projects work. Some are bound to flop, but I'm learning and growing along the way. What I do with the knowledge is what determines my next step. The information gathered from each step adds to my knowledge. It is a cycle of life and the way we choose to look at it will determine the outcome.

My main obstacle is visibility. My readers enjoy my writing, but with all the unknown number of writers out there, my work is still (relatively) invisible. So, I'm taking steps to get my skills seen. You may or may not always know that it's my work, but the more I write the better I get. The better I get, the more I will be noticed. The more I'm noticed, the more successful I become.

So, I win. 

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