Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Obstacle Course: Time Keeps Slipping...

I have difficulty with losing track of time. It doesn't pay any attention to me and often I pay no attention to it. So, I turn around and look and I haven't posted in several days when I could have sworn it was only the day before. (sigh)

This is, purhaps, one of my biggest obstacles.

When you're not in the habit of writing every day, it can be quite the challenge. Even when I do write, I don't always write on the same project. As my days become scrambled or blurred together, I find it difficult to recall which project got attention on which day.

I track my progress as I reach each new point in my writing. Thankfully the program I use to write on my computer with, will track the date last saved. I tend to write as I'm inspired to instead of being more structured. This is something I'm working to improve upon since I feel it will assist my regularity. And who wants to be irregualar? Certainly not me.

We need to keep in mind that time isn't going to stop. It may slow or speed up at times, but it won't truly stop. We simply need to make sure that we are taking the steps we need... make sure that WE aren't stopping either. How?

Write something every day!

Sometimes you have to just push through it. Write something - even if you think it's total crap... just as long as you're putting words down. Eventually the words will flow again. You will develop the habit of writing daily and it will become easier over time. We have to believe in ourselves. We have to KNOW that we deserve to reach our goals. We have to love ourselves enough to let ourselves succeed.

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