Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Obstacle Course: Checking Your Baggage

Often times we stumble over our own baggage. We hang on to our past. Things that hurt us, people that have done us wrong... We drag it around and it weighs heavily on us. We stumble and trip and sometimes fall down because of it.

Yes, we've been through a lot in our lives. Some things I've been through may be more than you could handle and some things you've been through are more than I could handle. But we've all made it this far in our lives.

The question is:

Do you really need to carry it with you? 

You've had it. You've lived through it. It has helped form the person you are today because of your choices in how to cope with it. But can't you just file it away and say, "Yup... it happened." Your life today does not need you to drag it all with you every day of your life. Once you realize that you can let go of it - you can acknowledge it and let it stand where it is - then you can move forward without the extra burden it adds.

This doesn't mean it didn't happened, but you don't need to keep it close to you. Focus on the future... not the past. When you stop dragging your baggage, it frees you to grow and experience what is next in life without tripping yourself up, dooming yourself to fail.

Check your baggage. Mark it as seen (acknowlede it) and set it aside. Stop dragging it with you. You don't need it by your side you have so much more ahead of you to experience.

All you need to keep with you is the lesson learned from that experience. This, comparatively, can fit in a pocket.

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