Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Discover Your New Favorite Book!

All of your favorites in one place made just for your loved one (or yourself)... 

What's not to love? 

Fill out the form at ShortBooksbySnowFlower.com and even add extra info in the box provided to make your story even more catered to you! (Question #11)

What an amazing keepsake for your loved ones! 

Great for Christmas, but be careful! Time is running out. It takes time to make it and we need to get it to the printer in time to get it to you. The holiday rush is nearly upon us.

But, don't let the timing stop you. Order yours now for an upcoming event too... Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Valentines Day... The list goes on!

ShortBooks by Snow Flower make great gifts for any occasion.

Don't wait... order yours today! 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Readers of the #HiddenTrove

Hello to all of my readers! Great to see you again. Well, it's great to know that you're checking in again.

I wanted to let you know that I'm part of a lovely little group on Facebook and we have a group for our readers/fans to interact with us! All you have to do is join Readers of The Hidden Trove.

Guess what!!!! 

I get to have my week of activities starting Monday (October 10, 2016). Since I have so many fans that check up on me here, I thought maybe some of you would like to join in the fun there too.

Monday will be a running story that group members can add to... three words at a time.

Tuesday I'll be talking about some of my favorite childhood books! Join in the discussion that will start after lunch (east coast USA time).

Wednesday I have a special treat in store. In a mini sample of how my ShortBooks by Snow Flower are created, I'll be doing quickies. These will be around 500 words long and I will base them on only FOUR questions!!!! These will be limited due to needing time to write. I'm estimating 30-45 minutes to write each with a few minutes in between to rest my fingers and feed my tummy.

Thursday I'll have teasers and testimonials of books I've already written.

Friday will be FABULOUS FUN! And a bit of a challenge for everyone...

Find fun finishing favorite fairy-tales filled forever from fabulous fans. Use unusually unexpected utterances until unable. Pick particular pronouncements pending perfect purveyors’ parvenus. (In other words, write a sentence that helps create/add to the story, but you can only use words that begin with the same first letter in each sentence! No limit on sentence length, but it must use the words correctly.)

So, stop by. Join the group. Have fun. Meet other great authors. Interact with me! I'm looking forward to meeting you there!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What Do We Want? BOOKS! When Do We Want Them?...

...Now and for always.

Books have served use for many reasons over the years. They provide educate us, entertain us, provide an outlet for therapy, help us connect with others, help us share our good times and bad... and help us escape.

Many people say they don't like to read. I find this an extremely sad commentary. However, when I dig a little deeper, I often uncover the truth of the matter to be something else... People just have a hard time finding a book they like.

We have such a variety of genres and so many authors out there, but how do we find a book that we are sure will be about what we like? As one possible solution, I came up with ShortBooks by Snow Flower. These books are created based on 12 questions about your loved one.

I want their new favorite book to be the one made specifically for them by including their favorite elements and blending them into a unique and new story.

"their new favorite book... made specifically for them"

Ordering is simple. An invoice will follow and the work will begin. Keep in mind the time it takes to make your special ShortBook when ordering. You'll receive a paperback edition in ShortBook time.

Check out the ShortBooks by Snow Flower that already exist on my home website. And if you're interested in helping me get my business off the ground, you can donate to my ad campaign here.

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Call For Assistance

Hello dear readers. I would not be where I am without you. I'm working on taking my writing to the next level. I want to go from a hobby that I love to a business that I love. To do this, I'm asking for your assistance.

I have a great opportunity to advertise on a popular, local, talk radio show. The listeners are estimated around 50,000 and it is conservatively estimated that I cold reach at least 10% of these listeners and convert them to customers for my ShortBooks by Snow Flower.

The only thing holding me back is the cost of the advertising fees. Therefore, I'm turning to you for assistance. I'm traveling along my path and climbing my mountain. To help me along the way, I've set up a GoFundMe page.

Please help with what you can and share when you do so that others will know about my goals. I hope to give away a lot of rewards with the contributions.

This is a huge step for me and I'll need some writers to join me also. If you'd like more information about the writing opportunities, email me.

I want your new favorite book to be the one I make for you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Carrying the Torch - tour

  Synopsis of the complete Trilogy  

Part 1 - Carrying the Torch 

Parapsychology 101 Amateur parapsychologist, James Franklin, heads back to university with the intent of capturing the eye of his affection, Dr. Regina Adams, a professor of parapsychology. James' 'crush' quickly turns to love despite his discoveries of her unsavory, dark secrets and dangerous connections of the underworld of metaphysics. In his class, James finds two friends of equal psychic abilities that are devoted to him in bringing justice and love to the world freeing the ominous threat of the metaphysical darkness.

Part 2 - Keeper of the Flames 

James, Josephine and Leo have been dealt a crippling blow to the Die Zauberei, but at what cost? Reggie, catatonic and burned out, has been placed under a psychiatrist's care in hopes of restoring her brilliant mind and psychic abilities. James, lost in despair, has fled to his cabin in the mountains, leaving Josephine and Leo to carry on with their lives. What circumstances bring these four back together in their struggles as Keepers of the Flames against the coming forces of darkness?

Part 3 - Carrying the Torch

Reggie comes back strong with her fully restored mind, psychic abilities, and rightfully finds her place next to James. Dark clouds hover as the forces of darkness aren't quite finished with our quartet of the light. What horrors face the Die Zauberei and what's in store for those Carrying the Torch of Light? Will Reggie and James finally have their peace and contentment with one another? How will the Keepers deal with what is coming from the darkness?

Monday, August 8, 2016

Cover Reveal - Broken Jar of Memories

*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)


Family first. That's Skylar Austin's motto. So when her little sister goes missing, her whole world threatens to come crashing down in a single night. But then June is found and everything should be perfect, right?

Only it isn’t.

June doesn’t remember anything — not even the sister she had always admired. With the aid of the sisters’ memory jar, Skylar wants nothing more than to help June regain what she has lost. While her kidnapper is still out there wanting to finish what he started, the Austin family struggles to keep it together.

Some memories are buried for a reason. So what happens once they start to unravel? Will they keep the danger at bay - or bring it right to their door?

About the Author: 

Jamie Summer is a native of Germany, where she lives with her husband and son. She's been writing fan fiction for decades with her best friend until her first novel made itself known in her head. Jamie wishes there were 48 hours to the day so she could do everything she sets her sights on. 

Besides writing Jamie enjoys watching her son grow up, reading and watching way too many TV shows.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Series Cover Reveal: Tunuftol

Hello my lovely friends! YES, the Tunuftol series has gotten a new look! It is VERY different from anything this series has tried in the past and I'm LOVING it! So, without delaying farther...

Tunuftol's Fortress of Light
(Tunuftol Book 1)

Krissa needs to find the portal and figure out how to use the magical key she found before the people who killed her parents find it, otherwise her parents’ sacrifice meant nothing and an entire world will be in danger. But nothing makes sense to her since arriving at “Grandma” Athey Boske’s farm. 

How can she save an entire world when she didn’t even remember it existed?

Nothing is as it seems...but it's all real.

Buy Links
Amazon - Kindle - Smashwords - B&N - Kobo - Createspace

Secret of the Shielded
(Tunuftol Book 2)

Krissa and her friends need to uncover the shielded mastermind behind the coup that killed so many before he deals another devastating blow, otherwise they may not survive. But danger awaits them around every bend of this horrendous quest to protect the newly reclaimed throne. Will the cost prove too much?

Secrets uncovered, powers received, devastating truths, pains & loss -- all foretold in the song of the Philo birds.

Goodread Reviews

Buy Links:
Amazon - Kindle - Smashwords - B&N - Kobo - Createspace

The Jewel of Nirel
(Tunuftol Book 3)

Krissa and her friends need to recover the stolen Jewel of Nirel before the thieves' army takes over Tunuftol, otherwise war will befall them. But they must return to save Earth too. Can they save both worlds and return the jewel to it's rightful owners before it's too late?

Increased dangers, startling discoveries, chemical warfare, and heart wrenching betrayals await Krissa. How much can one girl take?
Goodreads Reviews

Buy Links
Amazon - Kindle - Smashwords - B&N - Kobo - Createspace

And take a look at the wraps!!!

If you like them, take a look at some other covers at Covers by Snow Flower

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cover Reveal: To Eris - Human

Here it is! 

I'm so excited to show off my new cover! Not only does To Eris - Human have a new cover, but the NEXT THREE books in the Payton Chronicles Series do also!

YES! That's right!

I know my fans have been a long time waiting for book 2. I'm here to tell you that it is taking shape and I'm getting very excited about where this series is heading!

For: Giva De Vine will be out for edits and to beta readers this summer!!!

Well... here is the amazing new cover that I got from Rocking Book Covers.

Back Cover Blurb

Humans can't seen lucents... except for Eris.
Sixteenyear old Eris Payton wants more than anything to fit in - struggling toreinvent herself - when she meets Nelson, who offers an escape from her currenthell into the unknown shadows of his world, and she can't say no before shelearns just how different she really is... changing her life in a way she wouldnever have imagined. Nelson, a lucent, needs Eris to follow him back toDownside before the epidemic gets worse, otherwise his brother will die, but hemust convince her that he's real and that her DNA holds the key in time to savehis brother and his entire race. Facing truths that challenge everything shethought she knew, Eris discovers the hidden world of lucents, her own mysteriousorigins, and how to trust once more. She finds herself and uncovers answers toquestions she never thought to ask.

Ebook with new cover available immediately at Smashwords. Coming soon to Amazon.

Print with new cover available immediately at Createspace. Coming soon to Amazon.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Working Away From Home

WOW! It's amazing how much time can fly by when you get your first secular job in about EIGHT years!

Well, sometimes you have to suck it up and just get it done when you have goals and deadlines to meet. Anyway, we have some great news!!!

is getting a gorgeous new cover! The reveal is this coming Saturday, but if you want to see it earlier and enter to win a giveaway for your very own SIGNED paperback with said new cover.... Just join us in sharing the news!

Don't have a blog? NOT A PROBLEM! Share where you can. Just let us know where.

Want an extra chance to win?

Refer someone else to join the reveal and not only do they get entered to win, but you get an extra entry too!!!