Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cover Reveal: To Eris - Human

Here it is! 

I'm so excited to show off my new cover! Not only does To Eris - Human have a new cover, but the NEXT THREE books in the Payton Chronicles Series do also!

YES! That's right!

I know my fans have been a long time waiting for book 2. I'm here to tell you that it is taking shape and I'm getting very excited about where this series is heading!

For: Giva De Vine will be out for edits and to beta readers this summer!!!

Well... here is the amazing new cover that I got from Rocking Book Covers.

Back Cover Blurb

Humans can't seen lucents... except for Eris.
Sixteenyear old Eris Payton wants more than anything to fit in - struggling toreinvent herself - when she meets Nelson, who offers an escape from her currenthell into the unknown shadows of his world, and she can't say no before shelearns just how different she really is... changing her life in a way she wouldnever have imagined. Nelson, a lucent, needs Eris to follow him back toDownside before the epidemic gets worse, otherwise his brother will die, but hemust convince her that he's real and that her DNA holds the key in time to savehis brother and his entire race. Facing truths that challenge everything shethought she knew, Eris discovers the hidden world of lucents, her own mysteriousorigins, and how to trust once more. She finds herself and uncovers answers toquestions she never thought to ask.

Ebook with new cover available immediately at Smashwords. Coming soon to Amazon.

Print with new cover available immediately at Createspace. Coming soon to Amazon.

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