Thursday, August 20, 2015

Welcome Me Home!

My new home site is up and live! Go check it out!!!

I'll still be here. After all, this is where the Rambling Voices speak to me and you. So, keep an eye on new projects and other amazing news on my new home site, but stay tuned here for future ramblings!

Each of the page tabs on the new site have information, but they also have pages under them (drop down) So be sure to click on everything.  Also, there will be some modifications. My prices listed for Author Visits will come down. I followed a template and got crunched for time. LOL.

Drop by and take a look, let me know what you think (contact me), and check back at least in the next week or two to see the updates.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Release: Resurrecting Gavin

A tragedy realized. A boy displaced. His fight to restore his sanity. Can Gavin’s mind be resurrected? 

As a three month resident of the Pembroke Psychiatric Center following the dismantling and tragic events leading up to the school shooting, Gavin Ferguson thinks he is well on his way to healing until his inner self takes a detour leaving him a relative stranger in his own mind. 

Will Gavin be able to find his way back to himself and return home with his family and friends, or is resurrecting his mind beyond the bounds of possibility? 

*Resurrecting Gavin is a companion novelette in the Evan series, following the novelette Saving Gavin and precedes the full length novel, Inventing Evan.*


I found Resurrecting Gavin to be a well written companion that can actually stand on its own. While the reader can certainly understand more depth, Kimball does a wonderful job of developing this story with the strength of character needed for any story no matter the length. 
I give it 4 stars.
Thank you Vanessa for providing me with the opportunity to review your book for you before the release. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ann Snizek goes to school…

...Well, several schools actually!


If you (or your child) would like to have me visit your school, pick your dates! Contact your school: teachers, librarians, reading instructors… My new home site should be live on August 20, 2015 and all the information needed to book an author visit will be found there! Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean that Rambling Voices in My Head is leaving. I will simply have a new platform for my books and my new ventures to stand on. 

And what amazing new ad-VENTURES await!?!?!?

I'll also be doing workshops for adults and available for speeches (keynote, banquets, etc)

All school presentations are intended to provide age appropriate education and entertainment that coincide with Common Core standards. Each will have instruction, discussion, activities, and interaction. They range from 30 minutes for the Kindergarten level up to a full 60 minutes for higher grades.

More presentations will be added.

Presentations available:

1 – Relationships: Accepting differences, conflict resolution, social and interpersonal interactions.
Let’s be Friends (K-4)
BFFs: Book Friends Forever (5-7)
Characteristics of a Friend (8-12)

2 – The Joys of Writing: Enjoying the creativity of various forms of writing with the use of poetry, songs, and writing activities.
Fun with Words (1-4)
Word Power (5-7)
Developing Your Story (8-12)

3 – Character Characteristics: Character identification and development, observation and vocabulary skills.
Who Are You? Who Am I? (K-4)
What a Character! (5-7)
Building a Strong Character (8-12)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Release Duo: ShortBooks by Snow Flower

We have two NEW ShortBooks by Snow Flower released!

These two are for a wonderful set of twins (boy and girl) and with the new 8.5 x 8.5 size! Great new stories, adorable characters, and a great new size for picture books from Snow Flower Enterprises.

Frosted Pony

Claire wants friends more than anything. But she doesn’t know how will she find them. Where will her journey take her?

Amazon ~ Createspace ~ Kindle
Available at Amazon within a week

The Ice-bot

Miketon, the ice-bot, needs to find a new home.
His search takes him to many places, but how will he find the one right for him?

Amazon ~ Createspace ~ Kindle

Available at Amazon within a week


Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Cover Release: The Throne of Hades by Ann Snizek

Finally! The Throne of Hades has finally got a new look! I've been wanting to change the cover for some time now and I've finally done it!

I think everyone will agree that it's a drastic improvement! 

SO.... HERE IT IS!!!

The Throne of Hades
A ShortBook by Snow Flower
Originally published May 2013

Back cover:
Lynnton Wor watched as her world crumbled around her, wishing she could stop the evil realities that few, other than herself, saw. When a demon shows up in her apartment, he tells her a tale that conflicts with all she's ever believed.

He also tells her that he isn't the only one looking for her, but what makes her so special?

Buy your copy today! 

Note on print edition availability:

"This is a fantastic short story." -- Lynn Worton, 
(Winner of a ShortBooks giveaway and inspiration for The Throne of Hades through the ShortBooks questionnaire.)