Monday, August 10, 2015

Ann Snizek goes to school…

...Well, several schools actually!


If you (or your child) would like to have me visit your school, pick your dates! Contact your school: teachers, librarians, reading instructors… My new home site should be live on August 20, 2015 and all the information needed to book an author visit will be found there! Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean that Rambling Voices in My Head is leaving. I will simply have a new platform for my books and my new ventures to stand on. 

And what amazing new ad-VENTURES await!?!?!?

I'll also be doing workshops for adults and available for speeches (keynote, banquets, etc)

All school presentations are intended to provide age appropriate education and entertainment that coincide with Common Core standards. Each will have instruction, discussion, activities, and interaction. They range from 30 minutes for the Kindergarten level up to a full 60 minutes for higher grades.

More presentations will be added.

Presentations available:

1 – Relationships: Accepting differences, conflict resolution, social and interpersonal interactions.
Let’s be Friends (K-4)
BFFs: Book Friends Forever (5-7)
Characteristics of a Friend (8-12)

2 – The Joys of Writing: Enjoying the creativity of various forms of writing with the use of poetry, songs, and writing activities.
Fun with Words (1-4)
Word Power (5-7)
Developing Your Story (8-12)

3 – Character Characteristics: Character identification and development, observation and vocabulary skills.
Who Are You? Who Am I? (K-4)
What a Character! (5-7)
Building a Strong Character (8-12)

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