Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Cover Release: The Throne of Hades by Ann Snizek

Finally! The Throne of Hades has finally got a new look! I've been wanting to change the cover for some time now and I've finally done it!

I think everyone will agree that it's a drastic improvement! 

SO.... HERE IT IS!!!

The Throne of Hades
A ShortBook by Snow Flower
Originally published May 2013

Back cover:
Lynnton Wor watched as her world crumbled around her, wishing she could stop the evil realities that few, other than herself, saw. When a demon shows up in her apartment, he tells her a tale that conflicts with all she's ever believed.

He also tells her that he isn't the only one looking for her, but what makes her so special?

Buy your copy today! 

Note on print edition availability:

"This is a fantastic short story." -- Lynn Worton, 
(Winner of a ShortBooks giveaway and inspiration for The Throne of Hades through the ShortBooks questionnaire.)

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