Monday, September 28, 2015

No Longer Lost

For most of my life I felt as if I'd wandered about aimlessly... lost in a world I didn't quite fit. As a child, I had difficulty making friends. Constantly relocating didn't help any. I never had the chance to put down my roots and feel stability or be grounded. Raised in a cult environment didn't help either.

I was lost.

Writing has been a major factor in discovering myself. I used to write a lot growing up - I learned how to read and write before starting school. I've always loved the power words can have... even if I haven't always loved the misuse of that power from others.

The year 2010 was particularly hard for me. I'd lost 3 family members within 3 months... including one of our sons. During this time, I turned to writing. I wrote and it took hold of me. I poured myself into the words and they flowed freely.

What happened?

I wrote the 1st draft of my first novel - approx. 75,000 words - in 3 weeks! I couldn't stop there. I had more in me bursting to come out. So, I wrote more. By the time I'd started the 4th book in the series - about 2-3 months later, I decided to go back and do edits and revisions.

The result?

I published my first novel, Tunuftol's Fortress of Light, on 12-12-12. (Had to make it easy to remember) The following year I published several more books - including books 2 & 3 in the Tunuftol series. By the end of 2013 I had 19 books published.

Then what?

I lost focus. I allowed other things to pull me from writing. I burned out and crashed hard. My blog became about other people and

I lost myself. I had a full load of reviews on top of life's usual obstacles and I stopped writing. I didn't write a word for myself in over a year. 2014 was the year I lost the glimpse of purpose I'd found in writing.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad! I did a lot of research, contemplation, and meditation. I studied what caught my interest and learned a lot about myself. But I still felt a vague lost and empty feeling.

This year I picked up my pen again, as it were. Most of my writing is on the computer, but not all. I have several projects I'm working on. I published two new picture books and I'm almost finished a YA ShortBook by Snow Flower, Sassi Kay. (To be released as a Christmas order)

Still, I've struggled with a feeling of being incomplete... lost in my soul. 

After two months of riding an emotional rollercoaster, I'm proud to say I'm no longer lost. I feel whole, full, loved, strong, confident, and empowered. I know who I am, what I have to offer and what my purpose in life is.

Feeding souls with words.

I have always put part of myself into my words. It's my passion... how can I NOT put myself into it? But now I know the power I hold with my words and what I must do with them. By sharing part of myself, I can help empower others. I can provide comfort, connections, and escape. I can build people up and show them that they are NOT alone in this universe. There is someone else out there that understands and appreciates you.

I am no longer lost. Join me and perhaps you can find yourself as well.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Never Ending Obstacle Course

How do you feel about obstacle courses? You know, it's all about your perspective. Life is a never ending obstacle course, constantly throwing things in our way. But how do you look at those obstacles? The way you look at them determines how you handle them.

If you look at them as ways of the universe or those in it to keep you down, ways to trip you up, ways to make your journey more difficult... then they will. And you will most likely continue to have hardships and struggles throughout your life and never truly find happiness or satisfaction.

However, if you view these same obstacles as ways to learn a new maneuver, grow to new heights, stretch your limits, expand your vision, push you to work harder... then they will do that too. With this outlook, you will conquer these obstacles, soar above them, become stronger, happier, and find both satisfaction and peace in your life. I'm not saying the obstacles will stop. As long as you live, you WILL have obstacles.

I choose to learn, grow, stretch, and be happy. 

Yes... it is a choice. One that we each need to make. Just like that glass that I see as completely full, it is all about how we look at it.

I, for one, don't want the obstacles to end. I hunger for more knowledge. I want to soar and continue to prove to myself that I'm alive and enjoy all the wonders in my life.

Unlike the obstacle courses in training exercises or competitions though, life does not give you a map. You don't know what the next obstacle is usually. You prepare and train and learn to take things as they come. You can't let it keep you down, even if you stumble or fall... you must get up to reach your goal. Trust me... the fight is definitely worth the reward.

 So, jump the flames, face those hurddles, and don't let anything stop you - not even yourself! You can make it through if you keep your goal in sight and don't give up. As hard as some parts may be, you can make it through anything... You just have to want it enough.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

NEW RELEASE - Keeper's Challenge

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The Keeper’s Challenge 
by Sabina Bundgaard

I am the Keeper of the covens book, but have no magical powers.

I have always walked my own way and am proud of what I’ve done. My beloved bookstore is my safe haven. Now trouble is brewing in the magical world. Three Keepers have been brutally murdered, their books missing.

Now it is after me and my book. Teaming up with agents Vladimir Stanislav and Jake Levis is my only chance at surviving.

My name is Anna Carringthon, and I am the Keeper of the Invicto. I will protect it to my death.

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Meet the Author: 

Sabina Bundgaard lives in Denmark with her husband and their two children. By day she races around the countryside, delivering mail and packages to people. By night…. Well, that’s a different story.

While drinking one of her many flavors of tea, she delves into the mysterious realms of her imagination. Writing about everything from Elves and Dragons to Romance
and Erotica, she tries her wings to see where they will take her.

Her favorite pastime when not writing is reading, making jewelry, and speaking to her friends all over the world. Celebrating their victories and happy times.

Friday, September 25, 2015


(Sorry... graphics STILL aren't working for me. I haven't figured out why yet.)

The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. 

Origin: 1950s; coined by C. G. Jung

Synchronicity - those moments when things just work out and there's no real, apparent reason for it. 

Like those times when you're down to $25 in the bank and your car breaks down and your waterheater dies... then a check arrives in the mail because someone you loaned money to 3 months ago finally pays you back and you also get a settlement check for some class action suit that you forgot you were even part of.

But how does this apply to writing books? 

Well, as with all things in life, if you want something badly enough, you can most likely find a way. If writing is your passion, you will write. If you want to have writing as a successful career, you will find a way. You won't give up on your dream. You will make it happen.

If you're discouraged, remember that things may not always work out the way we envisioned or carefully plotted out, but by taking one day at a time - one moment at a time - and always move forward, one agonizing step at a time.... We WILL get there. 

Life itself is not a competition. There are ways to compete IN life, but life is just life. We all have it. The question is what are you doing with it? Are you setting yourself up for syncronicity to help you out? It's karma. The more you raise yourself above your issues, not ignoring that they exist... simply not giving them control, the more likely synchronicity will work for you.

My theory is that when we elevate ourselves, we create karmic magnets as it were. We attract more positive energies and things will work out as they should, even if we don't yet know the reasons.

So, focus your positive energy on your passion and you will find that things will work out. And if you say, "But I'm trying" or "I've tried everything." then you need to change your thinking. Somewhere along the line you're not being honest with yourself. 

In the words of the wise Jedi Master, Yoda, "Do or do not. There is no try." 

It really IS that simple. Everything is a choice. If we want to be a certain way, then we must simply CHOOSE to be it. 

I AM a writer. I AM a success.

The information and inspiration I need comes to me when I need it and when I accept it. 

How many times has inspiration come to you and you let it slip past you? What are you going to do about it? Things happen for a reason. And things work out if we let them. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Study, Practice & DO IT ALREADY

(sorry, my pics aren't working today. I'll try to update it later.)

So... You know your passion. Everyone knows your passion. Now what do you do with it? How in the world can you possibly make it productive?

Study, practice, and DO IT ALREADY. 

Learn everything you can. I'm sure if you're passionate about it, you've already been doing this. You hunger for every bit of information you can find on it. You may not agree with everything you read or hear, but you still look into it. You find bits and pieces you can apply. Then you practice and apply them. 

You make small projects to start. Testing what you know... what you learned. And you make loads of mistakes... 

Is this where you stop?

You start doing a project and you get interrupted. Maybe it isn't a small thing. Maybe someone is sick or hurt. It may take time to get back to your project, but do you get back to it? How long do you take? Do you let smaller things interrupt? Do you stop there?

If you want to succeed, you have to keep going. Life will always throw things in our way. Yes, there are some major things that we need to tend to, but do we let life keep us from our dreams? Do we give up on our passion? If we do... how happy are we? Don't you feel like something is missing? Like part of you is dead inside?

If you do manage to keep practicing... 

That is great! You should feel proud of what you've done so far, but... is this as far as you want to take it? If it is, that's great. It's your life and your choice. If you want to take it farther, this is where you need to really take action.

It's time for a commitment. Make YOURSELF a promise. You're the one you can't get away from... ever. So, what kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Do you lie to yourself? Do you treat yourself like you do your friends? Or do you neglect your own relationship?

I've been guilty of neglect. I didn't like myself at all. I didn't see how anyone could ever truly like me. I was a nice person, but what did I really have to offer anyone? Now I realize that I have a LOT to offer to myself! And that changed so much. If you don't like being around yourself, how can you expect others to enjoy it?

Like with a book... Do you go around promoting books you hated? "Oh, I hated it, but you might like it because.. well, I don't know, but you might."

NO! You tell people to avoid it. If you see someone looking at it, you may even go as far as speaking up to spare them the agony of putting themselves through the waste of time.

Do you do this to yourself? To your own life? If you want to be a success, why? Well... because you have a great idea and/or product, right? OF COURSE, RIGHT! So, believe in it. Believe in yourself. Stop doubting what you have. Go for it. If someone doesn't like it, ask them why. If they give you honest feedback, even if they tear it apart, listen. Find the aspects that the person is pointing out and ignore the rude manner they use. The rudeness is most likely due to their view of themselves and their own lives, but... you may find some ideas hidden in their words. Ways to improve.

You can't please everyone, and you shouldn't even try... But you should always strive to improve and learn within yourself. Some people will have helpful ideas, others will simply be there to help strengthen your resolve.

At a certain point, you need to stop simply practicing and DO IT ALREADY. Just do it, as Nike commercials used to say.

Why? Because... You've got this too.

Monday, September 21, 2015

No, Really... You've Got This!

"But I have work, bills, family... I can't possibly follow my dreams."

And why not? When you love doing something, you become excited. You get more accomplished in less time. How much time do you waste just fighting yourself to get up and moving every day? Now, imagine you are going on vacation... How long does it take you to get up and head out to the beach or fun park or wherever it is that you enjoy going?

It's fun and exicting! So, you jump at the opportunity and feel good. Why can't we take a few minutes from our busy lives to just enjoy something we love? What is our schedule really full of anyway? You come home from work and need to unwind, right? Well... What better way to unwind than doing something you enjoy?

But I have kids...

So... Show them what it means to do something you love. Teach them the value of feeding thier souls too. If you can teach them while they're young to work hard at something they enjoy, they will grow up with more satisfaction in their lives.

But I have bills and...

You will always have those things. If you want to succeed...

YOU have to want it. 

No one is going to force success on you. No one is going to shove you into a place and say, "You'll be successful whether you want to or not." If they try, then they are lying to themselves. You hang on the side of your mountain... It's up to you to climb. You can have safety ropes and equipment, but no one is going to move your hands or feet for you. You make the choices. Success is up to you!

Life will always have obstacles. It's life. You have to decide how to handle the obstacles. Sometimes you need guidance, but you still need to move yourself. There will never be a "right time" to do things... unless you create the time.

The right time is always NOW.

You just need to grasp it and pull yourself up. There is a lot involved, but if you want it, the rewards are limitless. Find your joy. Find your passion,
Make your decisions and accept your responsibility in the role you play in your own life!

If you have kids... set an example for them. SHOW them how wonderful life can be when you are happy and passionate about what you do and where you are going.

So, if you think you can't do it... think again. You really can.

Really... You've got this!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

You've Got This

For so much of my life I've been afraid of success. I've feared failure, and I've allowed the fear of both to rule my life. I essentially created my own self-fulfilling prophecies.

I believed that if I could succeed in something I would be happy. I would finally find the happiness I so desperately wanted in my life. But I doubted myself. I didn't believe in my own abilities, talents, or gifts.

With thoughts like that, I continually sabotaged my own happiness. Until...

I set aside my dreams as unreachable. I began to look at just being happy with life as I had it. Happiness is a choice. I decided to be happy. When I did this, I looked at what made me happy. What did I like to do as an indivudual? What did I want to do for the rest of my life and would never truly tire of? What was it that I could talk about for hours on end?

For me the answer has primarily been writing.

No matter what topic strikes my fancy or my passion at the moment, I LOVE to write about it. I LOVE to improve my writing - to grow and learn ever more. I LOVE to share that knowledge and experience and passion with others. I LOVE when someone reads my words and hungers for more. 


My mindset shifted. I found my passion and in persuing my passion, I have found myself and my happiness. I've grown as an individual and opened my mind to the possibilities - expanded as a person. I'm now ready to succeed... and I will. 

Many people think that the climb to success is just steady work and it will all go smoothly. Why should it? Nothing else in life works that way. Why should success be any different? Success is full of loops, twists, and turns. We stumble and fall and get back up. Many times when we fall, it isn't that we did something wrong, it is just that we stepped in a direction that leads you away from your true goal and the universe is telling you that you need to shift your focus.

As long as you don't give up focus of your goals, don't give up on your dreams, and don't give up on yourself... you can and will make it.

Life doesn't always happen as we plan. So, I've decided to not make so many plans. Throw away the lists. Start DOING things. Take those steps, don't just talk about them. You'll never get anywhere if all you do is talk about it.

So, if you want to be a writer... then write. If you want to be a success... then be one. I am and will be a success. I know what I want in life now. I have a very clear image of where I want to be and how I want my life to be. So, I take steps that will get me there. I know that things will fall into place BECAUSE I'm taking steps toward my goal... my mountain.

I will climb that mountain and stand at the top. I will then see my next mountain and take steps toward that.

Life is so full of wonder and adventure. There are so many different people with countless interests... each one of us has the potential inside to reach our own mountain. My mountain may look a lot like yours, but we each must reach the top of our own. We each need to take those steps. No one will carry us. Sure, sometimes you'll find a few steps that lead you closer in a shorter time than you expected, but YOU have to take those steps.

We can't control how people will react to us, we can only control how we react. What are you going to do? Are you worried that you won't be able to make it? Do you think that there is too much in the way of your dreams and goals to possibly reach? Is it really? Or is it just how you are looking at it?

As I posted before... the image of the glass...

To many it is half full. To many others it is half empty. How do you choose to look at it?

I'll tell you how I see it. It is a full glass - completely full. Not all of it is the same substance, but there is something in the entire glass. Half is water, half is air... but it is full.

I will reach my goals and be a success because I'm already there. I have all the tools I need to get there... I just haven't taken all the steps yet.

So, like me, you don't need to stress over the "what ifs"
... You have all the tools you need.

You've got this.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Power of Words

What are words? It doesn't matter what language you use. Words are collections of symbols with specific meanings, purpose, and power. 

"The pen is mightier than the sword." ~ Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Proof of this flashes before us every day. Words move people. They touch the soul, inspire the heart, and activate the mind. They even spark passions, heal wounds, or inflict pain. People cling to songs, movies, books, magazines, TV shows, blogs... All start with words.

Sometimes words seem inadequite. Sometimes they are overwhelming. But they all hold power. Power to do wonderous things for generations to come. The potential is imense and limitless. 

Use caution with your words. They can inflict pain in an instant, destroy trust that may never return, or spark a flame that you never intended to light. Words hold the power and strength put into them - waiting for the next person to listen or read and feel that power. 

I have written and published 22 books so far (since 2012) and have contributed to two charity anthologies. I've published in 2 periodicals (one in Australia and one online). I have multiple projects in the making plus this blog. I've also begun freelance writing and hope to have stories and articles published in various locations. 

You can learn more about my books at my home base website: 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm a Writer - Prove It!

So many people I know say, "I'm a writer" or "I love to write." Yet, when asked what they write, many say something along the lines of, "I haven't written in a long time." I've even fallen into that catagory before.

However, if you're a writer, you MUST write. If you only talk about writing, you're a talker. If you only think about writing, you're a thinker. If you love writing... then WRITE. Yes, you need to think about writing, and I don't know any true writer who doesn't enjoy talking about it, if only online... even if it's only their writing they talk about. (many writers are introverts and don't like talking to people face-to-face.)

SO.... You must go WRITE! The more you write, if you put effort into it, the better you become. Reading is also beneficial. You learn many things from reading, fiction as well as non-fiction - if you read quality work.

So.... Stop reading, thinking, and talking so much...


But come back later and read some more. hehehe

Monday, September 14, 2015

I am Writer, Hear Me Roar

Who are you as a writer... why do you write? There are many reasons. Probably as many variations in reasons as there are writers. There are some basic reasons, but I find that the writing process is still highly personal for everyone. This is why each writer has their own voice. We are all unique and valuable. So... 

How would you answer?

Do you write because you love it? 

Is it therapy? 

Is it a means to an end?

What do you get out of it? 

What do you hope to gain? 

What do you hope to provide?

So simple, yet so difficult for many of us to answer. 

For me, I write for several reasons. 

Passion and beyond

It is my passion, but it is so much more than that. I put my heart and soul into my stories. A reflection of me lives in each work. Some have more reflection than others, but they all have some. Yes, I want to make a living, but even without that I just have to write. Writing serves as a release, an expression, and a freedom. It shares my emotions, my ideals, and my dreams. 

What do I get out of it?

Do you see the joy and excitement on that face?

I love touching lives. When my stories bring smiles to faces, or any other emotion that I've tried to express, my heart fills with satisfaction and excitement. I release my frustrations fears when I write. I capture my dreams and hopes. I escape to another world and experience the freedom that brings. When others can share in these things, I have done my job.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Up & Coming

I've had some life altering upheavals and insights lately. So much going on and so much settling into place. Life can be a rollercoaster sometimes.

I've decided to do a little freelance work along with my own books. I've already prepared several submissions for Chicken Soup for the Soul books as well as looking into several other options.

My goal is to feed people's souls with my words. I read to feel. I write to feel and share. So, I'm sending my words out there for others to enjoy and discover. Perhaps one outlet will lead readers back to my other works - perhaps not. As long as my words are out there and enjoyed... That is the greatest reward.

Writing is my passion. I've neglected my passion at times and my entire being suffers from it. I only know how to write in one manner no matter what style or genre I use as an outlet. I write from the heart.

I feel that words are my gift to prepare and offer to others. I see my mountain in the distance. I'm placing my stepping stones and moving forward. This is my journey. If I don't make it happen, it isn't going to happen. You can join me along the way. I cerainly enjoy company and perhaps I can learn something more from you as well as sharing what I already have.

So, what is up & coming? I am. 

Watch for me because I have arrived and I'm not stopping.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

10 Stepping Stones to Success

The path that lay before us all has no stepping stones to mark the way. We set them as we go. One step at a time, always moving forward, always toward the goal... toward SUCCESS.

In order to reach your own success, you must:

1 - Find Your PASSION
You have to find what you love. This is different for everyone and it comes from within. It doesn't matter if others think it silly, a waste of time, not good enough... If you feel strong enough about it, then it IS good enough. If you could talk about or do something all day, every day and never tire then you have a passion. You can feel the energy that envelopes you and that same energy will radiate and pull others in. More importantly, if you hold that passion it will take YOU where you want to go.

2 - SET a Goal
Speaking of... where DO you want to go? This may take some time to figure out, but don't get stuck here. You should have at least a vague idea of what you want and to start that's all you need... a direction - something to focus on. You can fine tune it later. This is where your dreams come into play. Sure you will have smaller goals, but set up the big one... the mountain in the distance. This should be something you can see from any distance in your life. It is your becon. If you can't see it, you're going the wrong way.

3 - STOP Making Lists
Lists are fine, but don't be that person who makes a list of lists that you need to do and then collect all the lists together to see what you can consolidate into a new list. There are many ways of making lists. I've learned that writing a literal list isn't the only way. We make mental lists too. Every time we go through all the "reasons" we can or can't do something, those are lists. We need to STOP making the lists and finally ACT. Get up and DO it already. All the lists in the world will not accomplish a single thing.

4 - TAKE That First Step
Taking that first step has been hyped up as something so unsurmountable, something so terrifying. It's not. Why can't we get as excited over every first step as we do when our children learn to walk? They don't fear it. We don't fear it. We encourage it, hope for it, praise it, and share it. Transfer that same response to every first step in our lives. Yes, it's the hardest, but when we take that step, each following step becomes easier.

5 - ...DON'T Stop Moving
You've started! Now keep going. You know where you want to go. You can see it in the distance. You have to keep moving to get there. The mountain really isn't going to come to you (even if your name is Mohammad). We don't have to be going full steam ahead to be moving, but we do need to move. Don't be satisfied with stopping. You have a goal. If you haven't reached it, you're not done. If you have reached it... set another one.

6 - WHEN You Fall, GET UP
Everyone falls sometimes. No one is above making mistakes. The point is not that you fell down, it's that you pick yourself back up and keep going from there. Life will come at you... that's what life does, but you can't allow distractions to keep you down. Don't give up on your goals, your passion, or yourself. Be your own biggest fan and cheerleader. We can't control everything around us, but we can and DO control how we respond to it.

7 - NO MORE Excuses
If you think you have it hard, I'm sure with very little work you can find at least 10 people who have it worse. And you don't have to look very hard. Everyone has their "cross to bear" in life - our own struggles. I don't want to hear any excuses and you shouldn't want to either. Do you really have that passion? Do you really want that goal? If the answer is YES, that's all you need. There is nothing more you need to know. If your answer is NO... then you haven't followed the first two steps! Go back and try again.

8 - CHANGE Your Perspective
If you think it's impossible, too hard, unreachable, too big, too many things in the way, or anything else along these lines then the problem isn't in front of you. The problem is inside of you. You need to change how you look at things. Look at the proverbial glass of water again. Look at another rorschach test or optical illusion. There is a balance of positive and negative around us all the time. Our perspective determines what we see. Will you look for the positive or the negative? We can train ourselves to see one over the other. 

rorschach tests
9 - It's OK to Reset a Stone
Sometimes we take our eyes off the goal when we set our stones. When we look up, either we can't see the goal anymore or it's no longer in front of us. It's okay to back up a little and move your stepping stone if you need to. It's not always clear as we go along. We don't always see the obstacles ahead. Like in a maze, we may need to backtrack and go a different direction. This doesn't mean you have failed unless you stop there and give up. As long as you are moving and working toward your goal - making progress - then you are doing what you need to do. When you get to this point, review the previous steps we've covered.

10 - Don't Let FEAR Rule
Fear is the single biggest obstacle to anything. Everyone has fears. If they disagree then they're lying. The difference is how we react to them. What we individually choose to do about our fears. Will we let the fear rule us or will we take the power away from the fear and use it to move us forward? When we let fear rule, we are giving it our power. Take your power back and you will see how strong you really are. You have the strength to reach your goals. It's in you and has been the whole time. What you have to tell yourself and REALLY hear in your soul is, "You've got this."

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Metaphors are Wonderful

I've been doing a lot of soul searching and freaking out lately - flipping from one to the other. I've allowed myself to pack up and prepare for another move in my life when I never gave where I am a fair shot. Metaphors are wonderful things.

Well, it's about time I strap on my big girl boots and wade through the muck I've created. I'm reminded of the story of two boys placed in separate rooms full of poop. One boy whined and cried and complained. The other happily shoveled and even showed a passion for it - determined to find the pony that had produced it all.

I need to pick up my shovel. 

I've floated through my life without direction, looking for someone to take the wheel and guide the ship along the best course. I failed to acknowledge that I should be my own captain. I also failed to accept the fact that I keep dropping and lifting my own anchor, usually at the worst possible times.

Someone I knew told me about how sailors will tack around a storm, side-step the trouble, and take the easier, safer route. Well, sometimes in life you simply need to stay the course. It may not be the easiest way, but you can't give up simply because the waters got a little rough.

I have also neglected my companion through life. No, I haven't ignored him. In fact, I've smothered him instead - expecting him to take control of the wheel, man the sails, raise/lower anchor, and do all the upkeep. Well, he is still here for me and I certainly hope he always will be, but it's my ship... my life. I need to take the responsibility for it. He will help me, warn me, guide me at times, but I'm the one that needs to take control of my own ship.

I can't continue running away when things get rough. I can't give up when I'm faced with difficulty

I like to say that I'm a survivor of all the problems I've faced in life, but when I take a step back and take a good, hard look at it... I see that I've only survived parts. Other parts I still allow myself to fall victim to. And that has to stop.

So, I'm not making my lists any more. I'm not talking about what needs to be done. I'm not curling up and waiting for people to come to my door to hand me anything.

I'm taking steps. I'm grabbing the wheel and turning into the wind. My journey has only just begun and I invite you to join me.

This is a new day, a new time... my time.