Monday, September 21, 2015

No, Really... You've Got This!

"But I have work, bills, family... I can't possibly follow my dreams."

And why not? When you love doing something, you become excited. You get more accomplished in less time. How much time do you waste just fighting yourself to get up and moving every day? Now, imagine you are going on vacation... How long does it take you to get up and head out to the beach or fun park or wherever it is that you enjoy going?

It's fun and exicting! So, you jump at the opportunity and feel good. Why can't we take a few minutes from our busy lives to just enjoy something we love? What is our schedule really full of anyway? You come home from work and need to unwind, right? Well... What better way to unwind than doing something you enjoy?

But I have kids...

So... Show them what it means to do something you love. Teach them the value of feeding thier souls too. If you can teach them while they're young to work hard at something they enjoy, they will grow up with more satisfaction in their lives.

But I have bills and...

You will always have those things. If you want to succeed...

YOU have to want it. 

No one is going to force success on you. No one is going to shove you into a place and say, "You'll be successful whether you want to or not." If they try, then they are lying to themselves. You hang on the side of your mountain... It's up to you to climb. You can have safety ropes and equipment, but no one is going to move your hands or feet for you. You make the choices. Success is up to you!

Life will always have obstacles. It's life. You have to decide how to handle the obstacles. Sometimes you need guidance, but you still need to move yourself. There will never be a "right time" to do things... unless you create the time.

The right time is always NOW.

You just need to grasp it and pull yourself up. There is a lot involved, but if you want it, the rewards are limitless. Find your joy. Find your passion,
Make your decisions and accept your responsibility in the role you play in your own life!

If you have kids... set an example for them. SHOW them how wonderful life can be when you are happy and passionate about what you do and where you are going.

So, if you think you can't do it... think again. You really can.

Really... You've got this!!!

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