Sunday, September 27, 2015

Never Ending Obstacle Course

How do you feel about obstacle courses? You know, it's all about your perspective. Life is a never ending obstacle course, constantly throwing things in our way. But how do you look at those obstacles? The way you look at them determines how you handle them.

If you look at them as ways of the universe or those in it to keep you down, ways to trip you up, ways to make your journey more difficult... then they will. And you will most likely continue to have hardships and struggles throughout your life and never truly find happiness or satisfaction.

However, if you view these same obstacles as ways to learn a new maneuver, grow to new heights, stretch your limits, expand your vision, push you to work harder... then they will do that too. With this outlook, you will conquer these obstacles, soar above them, become stronger, happier, and find both satisfaction and peace in your life. I'm not saying the obstacles will stop. As long as you live, you WILL have obstacles.

I choose to learn, grow, stretch, and be happy. 

Yes... it is a choice. One that we each need to make. Just like that glass that I see as completely full, it is all about how we look at it.

I, for one, don't want the obstacles to end. I hunger for more knowledge. I want to soar and continue to prove to myself that I'm alive and enjoy all the wonders in my life.

Unlike the obstacle courses in training exercises or competitions though, life does not give you a map. You don't know what the next obstacle is usually. You prepare and train and learn to take things as they come. You can't let it keep you down, even if you stumble or fall... you must get up to reach your goal. Trust me... the fight is definitely worth the reward.

 So, jump the flames, face those hurddles, and don't let anything stop you - not even yourself! You can make it through if you keep your goal in sight and don't give up. As hard as some parts may be, you can make it through anything... You just have to want it enough.

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