Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Study, Practice & DO IT ALREADY

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So... You know your passion. Everyone knows your passion. Now what do you do with it? How in the world can you possibly make it productive?

Study, practice, and DO IT ALREADY. 

Learn everything you can. I'm sure if you're passionate about it, you've already been doing this. You hunger for every bit of information you can find on it. You may not agree with everything you read or hear, but you still look into it. You find bits and pieces you can apply. Then you practice and apply them. 

You make small projects to start. Testing what you know... what you learned. And you make loads of mistakes... 

Is this where you stop?

You start doing a project and you get interrupted. Maybe it isn't a small thing. Maybe someone is sick or hurt. It may take time to get back to your project, but do you get back to it? How long do you take? Do you let smaller things interrupt? Do you stop there?

If you want to succeed, you have to keep going. Life will always throw things in our way. Yes, there are some major things that we need to tend to, but do we let life keep us from our dreams? Do we give up on our passion? If we do... how happy are we? Don't you feel like something is missing? Like part of you is dead inside?

If you do manage to keep practicing... 

That is great! You should feel proud of what you've done so far, but... is this as far as you want to take it? If it is, that's great. It's your life and your choice. If you want to take it farther, this is where you need to really take action.

It's time for a commitment. Make YOURSELF a promise. You're the one you can't get away from... ever. So, what kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Do you lie to yourself? Do you treat yourself like you do your friends? Or do you neglect your own relationship?

I've been guilty of neglect. I didn't like myself at all. I didn't see how anyone could ever truly like me. I was a nice person, but what did I really have to offer anyone? Now I realize that I have a LOT to offer to myself! And that changed so much. If you don't like being around yourself, how can you expect others to enjoy it?

Like with a book... Do you go around promoting books you hated? "Oh, I hated it, but you might like it because.. well, I don't know, but you might."

NO! You tell people to avoid it. If you see someone looking at it, you may even go as far as speaking up to spare them the agony of putting themselves through the waste of time.

Do you do this to yourself? To your own life? If you want to be a success, why? Well... because you have a great idea and/or product, right? OF COURSE, RIGHT! So, believe in it. Believe in yourself. Stop doubting what you have. Go for it. If someone doesn't like it, ask them why. If they give you honest feedback, even if they tear it apart, listen. Find the aspects that the person is pointing out and ignore the rude manner they use. The rudeness is most likely due to their view of themselves and their own lives, but... you may find some ideas hidden in their words. Ways to improve.

You can't please everyone, and you shouldn't even try... But you should always strive to improve and learn within yourself. Some people will have helpful ideas, others will simply be there to help strengthen your resolve.

At a certain point, you need to stop simply practicing and DO IT ALREADY. Just do it, as Nike commercials used to say.

Why? Because... You've got this too.

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