Thursday, October 1, 2015

Synchronicity Revisited

I've already spoken about synchronicity before, but today I had a new case in my life. On top of many other things, we've been experiencing car problems. Our car continues to die on us and we continue to get it fixed. Where we live, there is no real option.

I think just about everyone knows how this process goes... If you want a job, you need a car. If you have a job, you REALLY need a car. When your car dies, you can't drive to work. When you can't go to work, you have no money. When you have no money you can't get your car (or get it fixed). When you can't get it fixed, you can't go to work.

This is the 2nd time within a month's time that our car has died. Same issue. We got it "fixed" but the new part was faulty and it caused MORE damage too. Anyway, we had to walk from home to the mechanics. We couldn't get a hold of anyone that could give us a ride. We're 15 miles away from the car shop. Yes.. 15+ miles... and we walked.

Hubby went, because he needs the car for work. I went with him so he didn't have to go alone. If he had to suffer, I would be by his side. We walked almost 8 miles together. By that point my husband, who has issues anyway, couldn't walk well. One of us had to get to the car. So, I took a full bottle of water from the bag he'd carried and I continued alone while he struggled to get as far as he could. I managed to walk 9.5 miles (the last one was a constant incline) before I couldn't make it farther. I asked all the powers in the universe to

bring me a ride that I could trust. The universe answered... A neighbor that I have spoken with, but not recently, saw me and stopped.

What in the world does this have to do with writing? This blog is about writing and books, right?

Yes, it is. 

What I'm trying to get at is that I kept going. I pushed myself to my known limit and beyond. I had a determination. It HAD to get done. I couldn't give up on my goal simply because it was difficult or that I was alone. Even the distance I'd walked with my husband was more than I'd ever done before. And to push on without him... I proved to him, but more importantly to myself, that I could do it.

I'd decided to change my previous M.O. (my habit of giving up and not finishing). This was evidence of that promise I'd made to myself. I made the decision. I'm not "trying" anymore... I'm DOING.

I will reach my goals. It will be a struggle, there are times I will have to go it alone, and there's nothing wrong with having some help along the way. If you push yourself and know in your heart that you will reach your goal, things will work out for the best.

Syncronicity will peek into your life more and more often. You can make your dreams a reality. My dreams of being a successful writer. They are already true. I certainly haven't made it rich, but my readers enjoy what I produce. And I know that the word about my writing is spreading. I'm not sitting back and waiting either. I'm taking steps toward my goal and finding more outlets for my gift.

I am not giving up... I am pushing forward past the limits I thought I had. Synchronicity will appear in my future as it already has. I will make it to my goal because I NEED to. My desire, drive, and determination will no longer allow me to sit at the roadside and wallow in pity.

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