Thursday, October 15, 2015

You're Grounded in the Count of Six!

Okay. I know I've been saying that you have to always push forward and keep moving. So, this may seem contradictory, but consider it a rest stop and refueling station.

You're grounded. And if not, you should be. Grounding is connecting with yourself... with the universe. It is releasing the tensions, frustrations, fears, stresses.... everything that pulls your focus away from what you really want... happiness.

People are usually in such a rush these days - always having to go here or there. You need to stop and breathe at some point or you'll burn out and be exhuasted. How many times have you said or even just felt like you were "running on empty"? That's because you are. If you don't take time to refocus and relax your mind and soul, you will not find the calm, peace of mind you want and need in life.

Find a nice quiet place - hopefully outside and where you can get to easily and as often as you need.

If it's under a tree, in the grass, in a garden, on the beach, whereever... just a nice quiet place that feels good to you. Go and stand or sit there as often as you need. If you're stressed and feeling overwhelmed or even sad.

While there, do some visulaizations. Doctors and scientists have long accepted this stuff. So, I don't want to hear anything about new wave BS. If our society didn't pull away from nature so much, we wouldn't have the need to set aside time specifically for this.

Visualization steps:

First, envision yourself wrapped in a bubble. I am a bit of a nerd. So, I describe it as looking like the force field used in Star Wars during the battle on Nabu. You know, where Jar Jar's people are in the field? Anyway, visualize this coming down around you to "protect" your space.

Second, if at all possible you'll be barefoot and can feel the ground beneath you... such a great feeling... imagine roots or some form of connection growing from you and digging deep into the ground. (you can do this with shoes on, but it's much nicer without) Let them dig down as deeply as possible. This is your connection to the earth.

Third, close your eyes and allow your mind to relax your muscles. Go in sections if you have to. When we aren't used to relaxing, our muscles seem to forget how and may take more concentration.

Fourth, allow, don't force, your stress, frustration, anger, any and all negativity, to drain through those roots you have. Let the earth filter and dispurse it.

Fifth, with your eyes still closed, focus on your other senses. The sounds, feels, smells around you. If the wind is blowing at all, feel it. Listen to the bugs, rustling leaves, distant sounds... Try to find as many sounds of nature as you can.

Sixth, BREATHE!!!

I try to do this until it feels "right" to open my eyes again, but I know that we don't always have that luxury. Even if you only have five minutes, it is well worth it. Relaxation and meditation improves your health in many ways. If you do only have five minutes, you may want to do it more often.

We need to recharge to continue our journey. If we burn out, we won't go anywhere. So, feed your soul, nourish it... don't let it reach that point.

You will feel recharged and better able to handle taking on the next obstacle you will face in your journey toward your goal. You will be better able to focus. You will feel a calmness, even if only a short time... and every little bit helps. The more you do this, the easier it will be and the longer it will last. It's an exercise of the mind. One that refreshes instead of tires you out.

Go ground yourself. 

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