Saturday, June 22, 2013

Listening to my own advice...

Somehow, I find it much easier to step back and give good advice in general, but I realize how difficult it is for the follow-through.  I need to do more work for myself.  I need to promote my own site and reclaim it for me.  (Not saying I'm going to stop letting my contributors post)  I simply mean that I need to step up and take responsibility for my own ventures.

I must make the time to sit down and write up some posts that I can pre-schedule for my blogs.  The rambling voices in my head are still there.  It seems that I've just allowed so many other things drown them out.  That isn't good.

I started this blog because I want to promote reading and writing on ALL levels, but I've slacked off on the consistency of my own writing.  I write for others, but not myself.  Writing is MY passion.  It must be allowed freedom or it will run away.

So, THANK YOU going out to all of you that follow my blogs, THANK YOU to those of you keeping me going both online and off... I hope you know who you all are. (LOVE YA'LL)

It is a constant battle that I have not given up on!

 I have my goals and will continue to fight for them.  Sometimes I just need a bit of a smack to remember where I put them and how to get there.  Thankfully, I have wonderful family members and friends that tolerate, encourage and catch me when I need it.


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