Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aundes Aura

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Aundes Aura
by Ryan Sullivan


Since their father was taken to the dungeons of the capital city, Eoin and Saera have had to fend for themselves. If Eoin can find an apprenticeship in the capital, they can work on freeing him.

But Saera is afflicted with an evil goddess's light, and when her Aura flares up in the middle of the street, the power-hungry Church Regency are quickly on their heels, keen to eradicate the threat.

With more than the Regency after them, their only hope is to relinquish the Aura. Making alliances they would never have dreamt of, they find themselves swept up into a struggle against the kingdom they once called their own.

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Aundes Aura was a delightful read.  There were a few parts (mostly in the dialog) that I felt didn't flow as well as it could have, but the rest of it was absolutely amazing.  Ryan Sullivan added his own twists to some traditional fantasy elements and pulled me past any little bumps I came across.

I enjoyed reading this book and find myself wondering what comes next.  What will become of Saera and Eoin?  I have become invested enough in these characters as well as their companions that they met along their travels.  I will be looking for more of Sullivan's writings.

Excerpt One:
Eoin opened the door as quietly as possible.

“I’ll watch the window,” whispered Saera. “Be careful.”

“I always am.” The moonlight wouldn’t betray him as long as he stayed as silent as the dark. The floorboards in Old Hanne’s house had always been quiet for him as long as he walked the right way. It wasn’t the same as walking through Tarne during the day. He had to put his foot down softly enough that the floorboards wouldn’t squeak, then the next foot. In his bedroom upstairs, Old Hanne coughed loudly. He coughed like that every night. His age was showing more than ever these days.

Streaks of moonlight fell on Eoin through the windows as he passed the staircase and moved into the kitchen. The fire oven was cleaner than usual, just refilled with new wood. The bread was usually piled on a rack next to the oven, but not tonight. Where is it? It wasn’t on top of the oven. Not by the window. There it was, on the table in the corner, next to the flour. A new batch had been made, the loaves all perfectly sliced. They were piled in twos. Eoin would take the two off the end. He raised his foot little by little, trying to keep the floorboards from squeaking, and stepped towards the table. He reached out to take the loaves, but was interrupted. An explosion of blinding white light poured into the room from the hallway.

Meet the Author

Ryan Sullivan discovered his passion for writing at the age of seven. Drawn to the limitless worlds of magic, he never stopped. Ever since writing his first collection of stories, he knew he wanted to be an author. He is currently studying music, and teaches piano. He lives east of Melbourne, Australia.


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  1. Sounds like a great read! I can't wait to get started myself :D

    So...Ryan....has anyone ever mentioned that you bear a striking resemblance to a Weasley twin in that photo?? :)

    andralynn7 At gmail DOt com

  2. LOL... He could pass as family couldn't he Andra Lyn?!

  3. Thanks for sharing your review and the excerpt and the giveaway. Sounds like a really good book. evmillien at gmail dot com

  4. Thanks for the excerpt and the chance to win!
    Sounds like a great read!!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  5. Thank you very much for the review, Ann!

    I have in fact been told before that I look like a Weasley twin. :D

    Sorry about the broken website link. I've recently moved to http://ryansullivanauthor.blogspot.com.

    It's worth noting that all the books in "The Válkia Chronicles" are standalones, and the next book will have different characters. Maybe I should mention that at the end of the blurb.

    1. Ahhh!!! No! I must know what happens with Saera and Faine! Also, without trying to give the story away, I have questions about the aura now too!

      What am I going to do without the answers? :P

    2. Awwww. There's always the possibility of a sequel. I just don't think there's much of a story there. If there's enough demand, I may be able to come up with one! :D

      If you'd like to ask me anything, you can email me at nightwriter [at] live [dot] com [dot] au. :D

  6. I'm curious about the meaning of the title. No doubt all will be explained as I read.


  7. You do look like a Weasley twin! That was my first thought when I saw your photo. Anyways, looks aside, this is an awesome book I can't wait to review :)