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To Eris Human has arrived!!!

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"The fun with reading To Eris – Human is that we get to travel with Eris on her journey from abused, awkward teenager to … well, that’s part of the adventure.  She’s not sure who she is, what she is, where she comes from, or what makes her special.  But Ann Snizek, with her comfortable and fluent writing style, makes it easy for us to tag along, and also allows us to develop a fondness for the characters that keeps us interested.  We get to know the characters on several levels – as the young adults that they are, and as a budding romance -- and that enhances this fun and enjoyable read.  Questions are answered, but, like the good mystery the book also is, there is always more." -- Jamie Ruff, author


5 Stars
My review of Ann Snizek's Book To Eris- Human is certainly a good one.  I have to give this book a five-star Rating.  The lay-out, characters, and the writing of this story was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!  I haven't read a Sci-Fi Fantasy in a long, long while.  It was so refreshing to have read this book.
Eris is certainly an interesting character along with the ones that cross her path.  Eris faces emotional battles along with her identity.  She is awkward at first but once finds her meaning she blooms.  Great creativity by the great Ms. Snizek of entities, magic and the unknown this book is a must read.  So yes I recommend it highly.  If you love sci-fi and special beings GO CHECK THIS OUT.  You won't be disappointed at all. I will be reading this book again LOL.  Now patiently awaiting the next book.  Great Job Ann I Loved It!!!!  :)

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5 Stars

OMG! It is 4am and I just now finished this book.  And when you have two kids (ages 5 and 1) you know staying up all night to finish a book knowing your kiddo's get up early that it has to be truly awesomesauce - let's put it this way, if the second one was out already I would be reading it right now.  The characters are relatable and I just love everyone except Eris' "step-mom."  This book is totally different than any other kind of paranormal book I've read.  But Ann officially has me hooked.  Definitely in my top 5 favorites of 2013 so far.  I cannot wait for the second book to come out! She def has me hook liked a fish. lol!
Posted by Jamie Norton-Turner 2/28/13


5 Stars
Eris Payton has moved around every 6 months with ‘her mother’ since her father left them at the age of 8. She has never felt in place anywhere. She was never able to make any friends. But then she meets Nelson, who closely resembles the missing brother of Ashley, a girl who lives in the same apartment complex as she does.

The story flows really well. Ann makes it hard for you to even want to put down the book. I loved how you get to feel as though you are joining Eris on her journey. Ann makes you feel as though Eris is one of her friends that she introducing you to and not just a character in the book. Nelson, the one whom Eris meets, seems to be more than what he shows but gives to Eris nothing more than who is he is while he struggles with the personal journey of looking like Ashley's missing brother, Matt.

Hmmm. It is hard for me to find any faults in this story. I didn’t find, like in most books, any places where the story dragged. Ann is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and, also, a friend. I will be reviewing her other works on this website as well.

by David R Bennett 


From the very start this book held my attention.  I found that once I started reading it, that even my beloved fandoms could hardly pull me away, and - ask anyone who knows me - that is quite the accomplishment.  This book started strong and stuck with it till the very end; if it wasn't one thing it was another that snagged me and made me sit and want to read more.  I found that I was holding the Kindle that my mother was letting me use more than I was holding paper books, that is until I reached the end and was left wishing that the book had continued on past Ann's planned ending.  I can honestly say that I have never come across another book quite like this before.  It is a very unique concept that I found shocking and amazing.  As soon as I read the first page, I felt as though I had a connection with Eris - like I was there joining in her experiences, discovering a whole new world than the one she lived in for her entire life.  It's books like this that leave me hungry for more, and I can most certainly say that I was indeed left hungry for more as I read the final page.  I would suggest this book to any teen who loves to read.

Posted 3/9/13: Confessions of a Teenage Bookworm, Micheyla Bartotto


Kj's Review

 Eris has moved again, she and her mother move...a lot. Her memory of her dad is him moving away. As she seems to be making some new friends, she innocently asks about a boy she had seen in the store. Turns out he has been missing for a month and her new friends abandon her, as one of them was his sister.
  Nelson, the boy she saw at the store turns out to be someone...a lucent...that only she can see. He has come to find her and bring her home so that she can help his kind from a deadly virus. Nelson says he knows her father and that he has told him she can help save them; it seems she has special DNA. Eris is torn, should she go? Should she stay with the only person she's really known growing up? An incident occurs as Eris is trying to decide, and off she goes with Nelson to find out more.
  This is a well written story that I loved, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others. It had so much to it, but I think my overwhelming thought was this story makes me happy. Eris' journey of self-discovery in some ways echoes what so many kids go through these days. Maybe not the same circumstances, but definitely a road all teenager's face to some degree. I am interested to see where the next book will take me, this story is fascinating. I would like to thank Ms. Snizek for giving me this book for an honest review.

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