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And the Winners are.... (drum roll to the bottom please)

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Sealey winked over at Krissa and spun Thalia to a thicket near the meadow's edge. The horse came alive with excitement and happily ran off. Khevin shook his head with good-natured amusement.
"Isn't it normal to set more traps than you need? You never know which ones will actually catch something," Krissa asked Khevin.
He turned with a smile still lighting his face. Krissa caught a hint of the smile fade when Khevin looked at her. Their eyes met for a split second and Krissa felt the usual jolt of energy from Khevin. He averted his eyes again by turning back in the direction Sealey had disappeared. "Not with Sealey. He has always caught anything he set out to get. If he sets a snare, he will catch what he wants. I don't think he really knows how to fail. Winning is just what he does." Krissa could hear the pride and respect for his friend as well as a pensiveness in Khevin's voice.
"Does that bother you?" Krissa asked on impulse. She immediately wished she had held her tongue, but it was too late, and she flushed slightly.
Khevin looked back at her again with his eyebrows raised. Krissa tried to watch ahead of her, but could still tell that Khevin watched her. After what felt like an agonizing pause, Khevin spoke again. "Sealey is my best friend, and a great guy. I'm glad he is so successful. He deserves it." Khevin paused and turned away from Krissa again. "Since I've known him, I've never had any reservations about him winning at everything. I have some reasons to wish he wouldn't try all the time now."
"Why wouldn't you want him to try? He wants the same things we do, doesn't he? So, it can't be a bad thing, can it?"
"Yes, he wants the same thing," Khevin paused. "It's not that it's a bad thing… it's just that… not everything he goes after is necessarily the best thing for him. One of these times the price of winning will be too high."
Krissa could feel the concern coming from Khevin. "Well, can't you stop him? You are the Israj. I don't really know what that fully means, but it has to be major by the way everyone acts about it."
"You don't know?" Khevin sounded surprised and appeared to sit taller in his saddle, his entire presence emitted power. He pulled his horse up a little so that Krissa rode beside him.
Something about the way Khevin looked caught Krissa's attention. He wasn't just Khevin; he wasn't just the King of Tunuftol (which was a lot)… he was more. Somehow, Krissa didn't think she could possibly understand how, or what she saw, but it had a connection with what Khevin had once shown her when his gaze at Grandma Athey's had trapped her.
"Yes, it is major… you should be able to figure it out now that you are Mya," Khevin said. "To answer your question… Yes, I could stop him, but I wonder what that would cost. That isn't a name to take lightly. To be able to make someone do what you want them to, or think what you want them to, even feel what you want them to… If I start using that, what would that really make me?" His voice softened, and Krissa absorbed what he was saying.


Uncover the Secret for yourself. Follow Krissa and her friends as they uncover the truth and search for answers. What will they find? What questions will the hidden secrets raise? What will happen next?

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Winners Get To Pick Your Prize In Order Of WIN!!!

1st - David Bennett
2nd - Shirley Uhrain
3rd - Skylar Hendrix
4th - Jodie Pierce
5th - Sabina Bundgaard



  1. David Bennett - ARC of The Jewel of Nirel

  2. Skylar Hendrix - Big swag bundle

  3. Jodie Pierce - ??? is still deciding. :)

  4. Jodie Pierce wants the bookmarks & that works out perfectly because Sabina Bundgaard wants the posters!! <3