Friday, May 31, 2013

Review!! Surfacing the Rim by Venessa Kimball

Venessa Kimball has done it again!!  

 The amazingly strong characters have such powerful chemistry.  Jesca continues her struggles with her new life and powers, but she’s got a wonderful support system around her.  Ezra’s warm, authoritative presence and Nate’s ever growing connection with Jesca make Surfacing the Rim a riveting read!

Picking up where she left off, the interactions throughout are believable and vivid.  Kimball has an strong grasp on her characters and the affect she holds with the masterful use of the written word.  It had me at the edge of my seat from page one and the action never drags.  After thoroughly enjoying Piercing The Fold(Book 1), Surfacing The Rim (Book 2) certainly does not disappoint.  This series is a must read!

I am desperately anticipating the next installment!

About the book!!!

Reality has been set askew... Jesca Gershon-Sera's life changed forever in the first installment of the Piercing the Fold series. She discovered that she was not an average college student from Marietta, Georgia. Rather, she had a purpose as a Dobrian guardian to protect our world and its humanity. 

Evolving into an illusion... In Surfacing the Rim: Book 2, the battle between good and evil continues between the Dobrian and Sondian fellowships. The salvation of our world's existence beyond the impending galactic intersection lays in the hands of a Dobrian team of guardians, including Jesca and her father, Ezra Kahn. 

The Sondian fellowship's inhumane corruption of our world is spreading like wildfire, redrawing lines between allies and enemies. Where bonds are deepened... Jesca continues to strengthen her relationship with Ezra while her physical attraction to Nate Sera, a fellow Dobrian, intensifies. Adopted son of Sondian Samson Crest, Xander Crest has to come to terms with the corrupt Sondian fellowship he has been aiding unknowingly and forms an alliance with the Dobrian fellowship and the one person he did not want to leave behind in Piercing the Fold: Book 1. And choices must be made. 

Jesca's fortitude is put to the test when she must make crucial decisions in battle and in love. Jesca and the Dobrian guardian team must stop the chaos the Sondians intend to draw into our world from another galaxy. All the while, Jesca must choose between the predestined link that she shares with Nate and the unresolved attraction she holds for Xander. With unexpected twists and turns, Jesca will face a battle of epic proportions in this pre-apocalyptic installment of Piercing the Fold. Will Jesca have enough courage to surface the rim of this reality? 

***Paranormal/Sci-Fi series. Mature YA/New Adult due to the depth in which unorthodox or fringe scientific theories are addressed.***
About the AMAZING Venessa Kimball

Venessa Kimball, born October 21, 1975, is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. Her hometown is San Antonio, Texas. She currently resides in Amarillo,Texas with her loving husband and 3 amazing children.
For 3 years, she taught at an Austin, Texas middle school. For 6 years, she was a full-time Texas Realtor in the Austin Metro Area.
In 2010, she revisted her writing roots that were so prominent in her high school years. Piercing the Fold, her debut novel, was born on November 23rd of that year. Venessa is a full-time, independent author.
To find out more about Venessa Kimball and future projects, including the 2nd book in the Piercing the Fold series, visit and become a fan:

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