Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Writers and Their Books

Authors have a unique relationship with their books.  To some extent every book comes to life and at least momentarily becomes their “reality.”  Because of this relationship, the readers are able to connect and share in the experiences within the pages.  Now, some writers are more skilled then others; some simply have a different style and way of looking at things.

I am a firm believer that EVERYONE has room for improvement.  Not everyone needs to work on the same things because we are all different, but there is always something that could be improved… knowledge, empathy, expression, restraint, etc.  While violence should not be our first instinct, I do feel that conflict of some type is vital to humanity.  Without something to struggle with, how can we improve?

That said, when someone does NOT like my work, I see it as an opportunity.  I actually look for people that will tell me what is wrong with my work.  In doing this, I am not asking to be verbally abused.  What I want and need is someone that can show me my weaknesses and help me become a stronger writer.  This is also what I hope people take from my own critiques and reviews.

As a writer, I often get the story so strong in my mind that I forget to write down key elements or connect them properly.  Yes, I’m weird, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.  When I ask someone for their opinion and they start with, “Please don’t take this wrong…” I get excited!  I have found someone that can help me.

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