Friday, February 1, 2013

Blogging, Press Releases, and Announcements

Alright!!!!  So much has been going on lately.  I have a lot of projects going on at the same time.  I'm surprising myself, and most likely those who know me well enough.  The surprising thing is that the more I have going on, the more ORGANIZED I'm getting!!!  Yes, "organized" is now part of my vocabulary... I looked it up... LOL

Here is a list of the Writing Projects I have going on right now:

Two blog tours that I'm organizing (semi-organized to release two books in March (Secret of the Shielded & To Eris - Human)

I am co-authoring two short stories and wrote an independent short story (found in My Rambling Anthology of Teasers ) for a charity anthology In Vein being collected by Jodie Pierce - author of The Vampire Queen {} (one with a single co-author, the other with 2 co-authors)  These are not only my first attempts at writing vampire stories, they are also my first attempts at collaborations!  Let me tell you it isn't easy!!  Fun, educational, time consuming, stressful, exciting, confusing.... did I say stressful????  (Don't be fooled.  I'm loving it, but it's still overwhelming!)

I also have my first independent anthology just released.  My Rambling Anthology of Teasers is available for free as a sample of my work.  People don't buy what they don't know, and they can't know if they don't read... or have a friend read.  For the most part, these short stories are ones that I am continuing to develop into full length stories.  So, they are "Teasers" for me to test the waters with.

There are a few other short stories that I have started.  If there is an idea, there is a story starter... I'm sure not all will amount to much.

I am working on editing The Jewel of Nirel (Tunuftol Book 3)
I'm still writing The Sword of Israj (Tunuftol Book 4) and For: Giva De Vine (Payton Chronicles Book 2)

I'm a volunteer tutor at the Adult Learning Center and facilitate a Creative Writing Club there and on Facebook.

My newest "big" project is: writing Adult interest level stories at low reading levels.  I am looking for contributors to this and it can be as simple as an idea or as much as an actual story.

I'm participating in a few blog tours -- for others, mostly authors: (not counting my 2)

Marcy Rachel's Colorful Indie Blog Tour
Fangs A Lot Blog Tour
Nowhere To Run Blog Tour
Thunderous Blog Tour
Tasting Never Blog Tour

These are just in the next four weeks...

I'm editing/formatting a book of poetry by another author through Snow Flower Publishing.

AND I have two blogs going:
This one (The Rambling Voices In My Head ) and Goodreads Blog

I'm reading at least seven books right now, most for reviews that I've promised.  Then life has to keep going and confusing me.  I have to find time to eat and sleep and not stink, home-school our youngest two, spend time RELAXING with the family (not always easy by the way), and deal with my disabilities/health issues.

While I LOVE all this writing, I hope that my family, friends, and other readers will bear with me as I also learn how to have my blog look decent.


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