Saturday, February 9, 2013

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More than an Indie writer, Jodie Pierce has been published both the traditional way and self-published!  With a collection of 8 books so far (5 traditional & 3 indie) this author not only writes great stories, she writes with passion.

As a freestyle writer that keeps busy with multiple projects, Jodie is understandably excited about her latest release, Demise of the Vampire Queen.  It is the final piece to her amazing Vampire Queen trilogy and came out in November 2012. 

The Vampire Queen
is a fast paced story of self-discovery and intrigue.  Jodie Pierce has a unique look at the world of vampires and her writing keeps you reading in order to discover what happens next.  She keeps you guessing right until the end about who is good or evil.  Each character seems to have their own agenda and secrets.

With one turn after another, the suspense of mounting secrets makes the reader have to know more.  Who is telling the truth?  Who has more to hide?  Who is manipulating whom?  And what really is the truth?  These questions only grow along with the story!

While the characters are sexy and alluring, it seems to me more of a mystery/thriller.  It isn't a long book, but that makes you want to know what will happen next, to know more about the characters -- begging Ms. Pierce for more and she sure delivers!

Once you read the first book, you will be hooked.  Check out The Vampire Queen trilogy for yourselves, and keep an eye out for her upcoming releases.
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