Friday, February 8, 2013

Secret Revealed!! Blog Tour Schedule!!!!

Secret of the Shielded not-so-secret Blog Tour

Feb. 9th - Mar 9th
Cover Reveal & Book Release:

Secret of the Shielded
(Tunuftol Book 2)
by Ann Snizek

These guys are awesome and I'm so thankful that they are helping me with my blog tour.  I hope that you follow each of the stops.  (Can you guess that I'm excited??)  LOL  I will add the cover when it is revealed... TOMORROW!!!!!


Feb 9th - Cover Release/Promo
Jodie Pierce

Feb 10th - Character Interviews - Pinelopi "Pin" Hillard
Emily Walker

Feb 11th - Guest Blogger
Jamie Ruff

Feb 12th - MY BIRTHDAY!! (I'm 21 again) - Giveaway/Promo
Heather Andrews

Feb 13th - Author Interview
Cinthia Koeksal

Feb 14th - Promo (Valentine's Day)
Andrea Coventry
Andi’s Book Reviews

Feb 15th - Interview blurb/synopsis/excerpt
Julia Hendrix

Feb 16th - Book Spotlight
Anna Dase

Feb 17th - Guest Blogger
Melissa M. Ringsted

Feb 18th - Character Interviews - Lonnie Gonzales and Sealey Kemp
Tallulah Rose

Feb 19th - Promo
Julie Holmes

Feb 20th - Promo & donation book giveaway!!!
JM Schroder

Feb 21st - Review
Jamie Turner-Norton

Feb 22nd - Promo
Penelope Anne Bartotto

Feb 23rd - Author Interview
Publicist Justin Steckbauer

Feb 24th - Guest Blogger
Felicia Tatum

Feb 25th - (Surprise!) Blogger's choice
Tamara Beard
Tamara’s One Stop Indie Shop

Feb 26th - Review
Deborah Carney

Feb 27th - Literacy interview/guest on this site!!
Mora De Silva
Feb 28th - Promo
Cheree Crump

Mar 1st - Review
Sabina Bundgaard

Mar 2nd -
Zed Whisper

Mar 3rd - Promo
Zee Hayat
Zeebooks Blog

Mar 4th - Author Spotlight
Jennifer Martinez

Mar 5th -
Jodie Pierce

Mar 6th - Author Interview
Deborah Carney

Mar 7th - Review
Mandee Mc Dizzle

Marcy Rachel

Mar 8th - Promo/Trivia Giveaway & Scavenger Hunt!!
Ann Snizek
Goodreads Blog

Mar 9th - Release Day!!!!
Ann Snizek
The Rambling Voices In My Head

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