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Transcripts of Live Interview - part 1

Taken from the Facebook event...
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Hello!!!! It's 8:30.  So, start sending questions when you're ready! All of the crew is here. A couple are grumbling about getting up early on a Saturday, but hey... not everyone can be a morning person!
We have a DJ for the event. Hayle Ana Garcia will periodically post music for your listening pleasure while we visit with our guests. Thank you Hayle!
You may wonder how Lonnie can attend given his particular ailment. Well, with the help of Micah, Nester, and a couple friends from Crown Mountain, we have a sort of teleconference set up for him. Fawnah and Krissa are a part of keeping the connection live -- given their gate skills.

How many ways can you tell Fawnah and Krissa apart?
Krissa: As you can tell from the picture above, we are nearly mirror images of each other. Physically, you can tell us apart by our eyes. I have green eyes and Fawnah has brown eyes.
Pin: That's not the only way though. As I'm sure you know, I like to talk (giggle) and I've been Krissa's friend for a long time. Fawnah is MUCH quieter than Krissa. And Krissa isn't very talkative usually.
Sealey: And Krissa has a bad habit of knocking into things with her head. So, watch out! (Big Grin)

Dimitri: Fawnah also has a very active hobby. You don't find her without something to make with her hands very often. For instance, right now she is working on some earrings that she brought with her.
Fawnah: Not always Dimitri. (Sticking out tongue)
Sealey: Oh, and Pin... most people are quiet compared to you! LOL
Pin: Well, the girl asked a question. What do you want me to do... sit here and ignore her??? How polite would that be?

for Krissa and Khevin Ariana Grande The Way ft. Mac Miller 
         Alcina: That sure got Krissa to turn red.
Gilroy: I didn't know humans could change colors like that.
Ruuna: I'm surprised that wasn't for Pin & Lonnie or Alcina & Gilroy
Hayle Ana Garcia It was for all but I hit enter before I typed there names
Sealey: Way to go Ruuna... LOL I love it, you even embarrassed your brother. Gilroy... I didn't know elves could be so nervous over a song.
Pin: Well, Thank you Hayle, I love that song.
Hayle Ana Garcia your welcome (smile)
Alcina: I've haven't heard music like that very often, but it was very nice.
Khevin: You can stop laughing now Sealey.
Sealey: No I can't!
Lonnie: I can't see any of you, but it's funny from this side too Khevin.

Feel free to ask anyone anything. They can always decline to answer if they want.
Sealey: Nester... that doesn't mean you can ignore all the questions.
Nester: I won't.
Micah: Not all of them at least. (Big Grin)

Hayle Ana Garcia

Pin: OMG! I love 3 Doors Down. (Big Grin)  
I get goose bumps with this song.

Brydon: It's too mooshy
Sealey: High-five little guy!

(to Fawnah and Dimitri) Where did you two meet?
Dimitri: We met at my parent's house in Aiyetoro.
Fawnah: I had gone over there to visit.
Dimitri: Yeah, (chuckle) she was actually dating my rotten little brother at the time.  That was... four no five years ago??
Fawnah: About that. (Big Grin)  But we didn't get together until well after Dimitri's brother and I broke up.
Dimitri: We just kinda' clicked.
Sealey: I'm so glad you cleared that up Fawnah... I was wondering what kind of guy Dimitri was! LOL
Sealey: Ouch! Dang... there are mosquitoes in here!

Gilroy: This is a very interesting form of music.
Nester: I am trying to figure out how they do that!

My Question is when are you (Kevin) and you (Krissa) *looking back and forth between you two* gonna just give it up and get together?
Jessica Sawa remember I haven't read the third book yet! LOL
Khevin: Sorry, I didn't see your question earlier. This may be a spoiler for some people. So, I will simply say... double check the ending of book 2.
Jessica Sawa hmmm. wait! I know I finished book 2. going back to read over it again.

Alcina: She has an amazing voice.
Sealey: She has an amazing... look too. (Big Grin)
Lonnie: I'll agree to that
Sealey: Ouch! What? Why did I get smacked that time?
Pin: Because I can't smack Lonnie right now.

Pin: This is fun! I'm glad we have people here now!
Jessica Sawa PIN!!! you are amazing! I (heart) you!!!
Pin: Aww.... Thank you Jessica! I'm glad you are enjoying the books. I love interacting with new people. Since you haven't read book 3, I'll not spoil if for you, but if you want to talk anytime... just let me know! What do you do? I've been so busy with adjusting to life at the fortress that I'm out of touch with things happening on Earth.
Alcina: Everyone loves Pin. (Big Grin)
Jessica Sawa I have started to promote authors and their works of art like you to everyone I can on social media and I also do proofreading and editing. I'm excited about my new journey! almost as excited as I am to read the next book!
Jessica Sawa oh Lady Alcina I love you too hunni! you are strong willed like me! :)
Pin: That sounds like fun! I love books too, as long as they aren't school books. (giggle)
Nester: Hey... you got Alcina to smile! If you can keep her in a good mood, maybe you should visit. Gilroy isn't always around.
Jessica Sawa (smile) Hi Lord Nester! I would visit in a heartbeat if I could. I also stand by my friends and am protective like you. man I love you guys!!
Nester: Isn't that what being a friend means? Or is it different on Earth?
Jessica Sawa not different to me, but some people just pretend to be your friend on earth. I don't know if they do that on Tunuftol or not but it is not nice...
Nester: Indeed it is rather difficult to deal with. I know I wasn't the best of friends when I was younger. I've grown since then though.

Brydon: If you get much more growned then you won't fit in this place. They ain't got tall stuff life for elves and such here. Micah says they don't even have many people tall like elves on this place.

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