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Transcripts of Live Interview - part 2

Taken from the Facebook event...

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I have a question! What was the vision Micah shared with Khevin?! I've been dying to know! (In book 2)
Khevin and Micah together: Which time?
Raven Reviewer Oh come on! You know the time guys - Micah you were all cryptic in front of Krissa. Was it about her?!
Raven Reviewer Micah, didn't you show Khevin a vision in front of Krissa?
Micah: I suppose. :D
Khevin: Sorry, my memory isn't as good as Micah's.
*Sealey is laughing*
Micah: You may not know it, but I've shown Khevin several visions while Krissa was present. :D

Sealey: I'm thinking they aren't going to give too much on that one yet. Keep bugging them. heehehe
Krissa: I thought Raven Reviewer was almost as cryptic as Micah with her question. :D
Micah: Pssst! Raven Reviewer... I predict you may get an answer in the next book. ;)
Sealey: There you go, ma'am... What the little guy predicts usually happens.
Micah: Usually???
Sealey: Well, I didn't want to make your ego swell too much. :D
Lonnie: Yeah, Micah... you don't want to be THAT much like Sealey, do you?  :D
Raven Reviewer Hmmm....the next book? As in The Jewel of Nirel?
Micah: No, ma'am. Book 4: The Sword of Israj... I believe you may find the answers you're after then.  If you think it's hard for you to wait... imagine how I feel. :/

I have to go grocery shopping so I am going to miss some of this but I will be back to play in a while!
Pin: Okay! We'll be here. I'll make sure of if. :D <3 o:p="">

Did anyone bring snacks?
Alcina: Yes, Sealey. Ann Snizek has a wonderful spread for us in the other room.
Sealey: Sweet!!!

Micah, will Lonnie ever get his eyesight back?
Micah: The treatment he is using now is the only one available at this time. So, in the ... "foreseeable future" we will say no.
Lonnie: Thanks for that vote of hope there little buddy.
Micah: I may be able to see the future, but there are some things that must be played out without foreknowledge in order for things to happen that must... pleasant or not.
Krissa: What he's saying is we don't know. He didn't answer yes or no.
Fawnah: He might know... but we don't
Pin: It doesn't matter to me. I love him the way he is.
Brydon: ewww...
Lonnie: I'm happy with my night vision if anyone wants to know.
Raven Reviewer I must say its really cool how you can see but I'm kind of worried for you. What if your friends aren't around to help you? I'm also worried about you and Pin. I'd hate for you to never be able to see her golden hair shining in the sun again. You know?
Lonnie: I understand. I know what Pin looks like, and -- beautiful as she is -- what I see is just as beautiful if not more so.  As for getting around... I've had easier times, but what is life if not an obstacle? I have ways to get around and now that we've met Crown Mountain... things may get easier.

This question is for Krissa and Khevin: what happens to your clothes? Do you have "other form" clothes? (I'm trying to be cryptic so as not to spoil things for those who haven't read the series.)
Khevin: I think I'll let Krissa answer first.
Krissa: LOL... I'm not 100% sure. I've never thought about it much before.
Khevin: I was hoping her answer would be better.
Micah: I know...  During the metamorphosis stage, the clothing is transformed to blend in with the skin. It becomes one and almost acts as a strengthening layer.
Sealey: What if they... umm. You know... Like if Khevin doesn't have a shirt on?
Lonnie: Had a hard time wording that didn't you Sealey?
Micah: Khevin and Krissa both have unique names that assist in their "other forms" and are able to compensate for any lack in outerwear.
Khevin: Thank you Micah.
Ann Snizek Did that help any Raven Reviewer?
Sealey: I think you scared her away Micah.
Raven Reviewer one is naked and the human clothes just...disappear?
Sealey: That could make it interesting when they change back! Of course, Khevin's my friend, but I don't want to know that much about him.
Sealey: Ouch!
Alcina: Behave
Micah: No. Not naked. You don't consider a dog or cat naked. It's the same thing.
Raven Reviewer I guess...just a cat doesn't become a fully clothed human in an instant.
Sealey: It does when that kitty is an 800 lb white tiger named Khevin. :D

Ann, how did you come up with the Tunuftol books?
Ann Snizek It happened by accident. I was doing some work out behind my house and discovered the tunuftolates. So, being the curious person I am, I had to learn as much about them as I could. Thankfully, they introduced me to the wonderful group of young people that we get to join. :D (translation: I had come up with the adorable creatures and then had to build a world for them.)
Raven Reviewer Are they based on Ewoks?
Ann Snizek no. Actually, I didn't even think of the connection until after I wrote them.
Ann Snizek They have more magical abilities though and aren't as "primitive."

Micah, have you seen your own death?
Micah: I have seen my death many times Ms. Raven Reviewer. However, now... I have something much more difficult that I've seen. If my death was the worst, I'd be happy.
Raven Reviewer What could be worse than death? Did you see someone else's death?
Micah: Yes ma'am. I've seen everyone's death and I can do nothing to stop it.  Any of them.
Raven Reviewer That must be an awfully big burden.
Micah: Yes, ma'am

Ann, how long have you been writing? And when did you first start publishing?
Ann Snizek I have been writing since I was little. My school friends still remember me as the girl who sat under the playground with a notebook during recess. :D I published my first book (Tunuftol's Fortress of Light) on 12.12.12 I wanted to remember the date. :D
Raven Reviewer How did you get the cover? Who did those? Was it difficult?
Ann Snizek I made the covers myself. They are very time consuming, but I love art in all forms.
Raven Reviewer I love them! Especially after reading the books.
Ann Snizek They are a bit obscure until you read them, but I look at them as clues to the story within.'re betrothed. Are you gonna do something about that? Or is that the way it is?
Khevin: I'm not betrothed. I do not honor the agreements of my enemies and the enemies of my people.
Lonnie: Well said.
Ruuna: What about... you know... Cormack. What are we going to do about them?
Khevin: We will deal with them when the time comes.
Raven Reviewer I thought in order to become betrothed, your parents had to agree. Didn't your parents agree to the marriage?
Khevin: My parents and the rest of those loyal to Tunuftol had become refugees by the time the agreement was made. Tomas made the agreement with Cormack and I feel no responsibility to uphold it.  I do understand where you are coming from, but since the arrangement itself had not been honorably made, it is not valid as far as I'm concerned.
Raven Reviewer're a free agent then?
Khevin: Well, ummm... I wouldn't say that ma'am. I am not officially betrothed to anyone, but I still have Krissa in my life. We have a long life ahead of us. With my job as King of Tunuftol, I have a lot to focus on besides marriage. After all, I'm not that old yet.
Nester: See Gilroy... Krissa isn't the only human that can change colors. :D
Raven Reviewer Don't you, like, have to get married next year?
Khevin: No, ma'am. I don't have to marry next year. The council will push that I not wait too long, but I will wait.
Raven Reviewer I thought that wasn't done? All royalty are married by 16?

Khevin: Tradition says that at 16 - or soon thereafter - the royal family is allowed to become engaged. Since our royal line isn't very large anymore, the council will be pushing me to... start a family... as soon as they can get me to.

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