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Transcripts of Live Interview - part 3

Taken from the Facebook event...
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Will Pin ever walk again?
Pin: Yes, sir! I'm doing much better. I don't care what the doctor's say. I intend to make a full recovery!
David R Bennett Good to hear, Pin
Raven Reviewer Hope to see more of you soon!
Pin: Oh, I'll be around!!

Pin, what's the best thing about the Fortress?
Pin: You just sent out a bunch of difficult questions! :) Since I think mine is the easiest, and least embarrassing, I will answer first. The best thing about the Fortress... other than it being AWESOME is that it is home. My grandparents used to live there when we were little and we stayed with them a lot. It has a lot of wonderful memories despite the unhappy ones.
Pin: Of course the access to the market and the dressmakers rocks too!
Raven Reviewer Least embarrassing? What do you know about my question for Sealey and Krissa?
Pin: Well, since Krissa and Khevin have their relationship... it's kind of embarrassing asking Khevin's best friend if he likes his girl... don't you think?
Raven Reviewer Sealey did meet her first.
Micah: technically no. Khevin and Pin knew us before we escaped Tunuftol... when I was little.
Raven Reviewer Ah, yes!
Raven Reviewer And Krissa never forgot.
Micah: No, Krissa forgot. Our father mixed a potion that he learned from the elves. It didn't work on me though. I remember it all... and people wonder why I'm not a normal kid.
Sealey: I don't wonder Micah.
Micah: :P (at Sealey)
Sealey: ;) (at Krissa)

Sealey, did ever like Krissa? Like in that way?
Sealey: Krissa is... a friend. She always will be, I hope. I know how Krissa and Khevin feel about each other and I'm happy for them.
Raven Reviewer Hmmm...That's what I thought, Sealey.
Sealey: It is?
Raven Reviewer Yep. Pretty much.
Sealey: Am I predictable?
Raven Reviewer No, I just can read between the lines. ;)
Sealey: I don't think there's anything to read...

How powerful will Krissa ultimately become?
David R Bennett Will she marry Khevin?
Ann Snizek The answer to both is... we will see. ;) She has some AWESOME powers doesn't she!!! Now if she can learn to control them.
Ann who is your favorite character from the Tunuftol series? Who is your least favorite?
Ann Snizek That's like having me pick my favorite child!!! :P My least favorite would be Lord Zayd.
David R Bennett But do you have a favorite?
Ann Snizek I have a couple favorites. :D
Ann Snizek The main 6 people and Reza!
Ann Snizek I won't narrow it down farther!!! you can't make me!!!

Ann, have you ever thought of collaborating with another author to do a crossover with Tunuftol and their series?
David R Bennett Well, Ann?
Ann Snizek Sorry, I got a bunch of questions at once there and I was trying to find the one(s) I missed. Ummmm... I haven't thought about that really. I've thought about connecting my own books somehow, but nothing definite.
David R Bennett Avoiding the question, are we, Ann?
David R Bennett Yeah, if you look at some of my posts you know that several of my series will be interconnected.
Ann Snizek I've also thought about branching the Tunuftol series to have offshoot stories of other characters not fully highlighted in the main books.
David R Bennett Maybe you and I can discuss something at a later date.

Micah, did your parents know about you and your visions?
Micah: yes. My dad was also a seer and they knew some about my powers before they died.  I'm not sure how much they knew, but I know that they were aware of some things... given my names.

Micah, I know you can see the future. What do you see concerning Krissa and Khevin? Will the King have his Queen? Will there be princes and princesses as well?
Micah: Yes, there will be royal children. Khevin will have his queen, but I won't say that it's Krissa because that wouldn't be fair to her.
David R Bennett Okay. That gives me some insight. You are very wise for such a young boy. Will you ever find you better half?
Sealey: He is the better half.
Micah: (shrug) I'm sure I'll find someone, but it is harder to see those things for myself.
Lonnie: If you argue that point Mr. David R Bennett... I may have to find a way back to Earth that won't kill me.
Pin: It's okay, Lonnie. No one is attacking Micah.
David R Bennett Just curious, Lonnie. Lighten up. Besides, I have a few friends with special abilities as well.
Lonnie: Just making sure you understand that he is pretty great as he is.

I don't remember, but who is the Amasa and what makes the Amasa important?
Micah: I am the Amasa.
Pin: Amasa means "Carries a heavy load." It is a name that few get in Tunuftol.
Alcina: Few get it anywhere on Nyssa.
David R Bennett It's hard to keep track of everyone's names. Hard for me to remember who's who. You guys have entirely too many names.
Everyone at once: We know!
Khevin: You might hear us slip up every now and then too. Especially when we have to go in secret.
Krissa: Imagine having all those names yourself! It's hard keeping my own names straight. I can remember most of everyone's names... usually, but don't ask me what they mean... PLEASE.
Nester: Not all of us have a lot of names.
David R Bennett Nah. Never. (Sarcastically)

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