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Transcripts of Live Interview - part 4

Taken from the Facebook event...

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 Jessica Sawa is going.
Ann Snizek Glad you came! Love your questions. See you when you get back. :D
Jessica Sawa im kinda back! I brought snacks n drinks from the grocery store, after I put everything away I will bring them over to the interviewing PARTAY! ;)
Sealey: Need any help??
Nester: I'll help!
Brydon: I can hep too!
Jessica Sawa Thanks but I am done guys! and the food has arrived!
Sealey, Nester, and Brydon: Yay! Thank you!


ok guys! I am back and I brought snacks and drinks! some are alcoholic and some are virgin. YEAH BABY! let party Tunuftolite style! maybe? haha
Jessica Sawa I want the sammy those look so yummy!!!
Ann Snizek WOW!!! You know how to cater!! I'll have to hire you for the next event!!! ;)
Jessica Sawa figure we got some growing men like Khevin, Brydon, Sealey, Lonnie Nester and Micah so I had to bring enough!! ;)
Brydon: Es'cuse me ma'am, but you forgot Lord Gilroy. He's a man.
Gilroy: Thank you Brydon, but I'm not growing any more.
Lonnie: I thank you Ms. Jessica Sawa. Someone will have to make sure some of that gets back to me so I can have it too. :D It sure looks good!
Jessica Sawa We have take out plates for you Lonnie :) and of course the food is also for Lord Gilroy and Krissa and Pin and everyone else who has come, but yes I was mainly thinking of the growing men. gotta keep you guys fed and healthy so you can do everything you need to do for Nyssa and the Tunuftolates

Sorry I haven't posted many songs, but I have one for you now...

Ann Snizek Thank you!
Pin: Oh! Oh! I love this song!!!!
Fawnah: I like this too!
Nester: Catchy beat.

Is everyone having fun!! I know I am.
Jessica Sawa YES YES YES!!!
Krissa: LOL.. you sound like Reza!
Pin: Is that what she sounds like??
Jessica Sawa *giggles*
Nester: I didn't hear anything.
Pin: It's an expression, Nester.
Raven Reviewer Of course!

for Gilroy
Alcina: Nu taler om drømme! Hvem er denne mand med den vidunderlige stemme?
Hayle Ana Garcia hans navn er Rasmus Seebach
Alcina: Tak Hayle. Er han adel?
Hayle Ana Garcia i bilmiyor ki

Ann Snizek Glad you joined! Ask Ann or the crew anything you'd like. :D
Jessica Baker-Bridgers I haven't read the book yet, so no questions from me :/ But I love the characters <3 character="" danny="" desai="" dimitri="" his="" i="" in="" is="" love...what="" m="" name="" nbsp="">(Image for portrayal of Dimitri is actually Avan Jogia, but I can see the similarities.)

Jessica Baker-Bridgers I did add to my TBR list on goodreads and pinned the covers
Dimitri: Why thank you! :D It's nice to be appreciated.

Nester: This is beautiful... It sounds like some of the musicians that travel with festivals.

Gilroy: Excuse me, but I just discovered that there are people here on Earth that speak an elfin dialect! It isn't exactly like we speak at home, but it is understood. I believe you call it Danish. Does anyone here speak that language?
Jessica Sawa Hej, hvordan går det
Jessica Sawa no not really, I just wanted to impress you Lord Gilroy... :-D
Sabina Bundgaard Right here, your Lordship. I believe I work as a translator for Ann :-P
Gilroy: Wonderful! Jeg bliver nødt til at skrive til dig lidt tid og finde ud af, hvordan det går. Jeg meget mere behageligt i mit modersmål. Det er en fornøjelse at møde dig. Jeg håber den dialekt forskellene er ikke alt for drastisk.
Ann Snizek See what I get!!! You introduce someone to people he finally connects with and he takes over. ;)
Gilroy: Jessica Sawa... Jeg gør godt dame Sawa. Jeg er glad for at møde dig. Tak igen for forfriskninger.  :D
Sabina Bundgaard Her går det skam udmærket, Lord Gilroy. Takker for æren af at tale med dem på deres modersmål. Håber alt går godt hos Dem?
AnneDorthe Lindgaard Gerstrøm Det går godt her. Det er en ære at tale med Dem på deres skønne modersmål. Håber det går Dem vel?
Gilroy: Det gør, Lady Bundgaard. Den ære er min. Det går godt med mig. Jeg er meget glad for at have mulighed for at besøge jeres planet.
Gilroy: Det er faktisk en fornøjelse at tale med dig også, Lady Gerstrøm.
Alcina: LOL... Down ladies... Bare huske, at han er min.
Jessica Sawa du er mest velkommen min lordship
Jessica Sawa Vi kender lady Alcina, vi kan alle drømme om
Alcina: Der er intet galt med at drømme. Alle skal drømme til tider.
Micah: For those of you not fluent in elfin or Danish... you can check out Google translator to follow this conversation.
Sabina Bundgaard De kan være Ganske rolig Fru Alcina, vi ved skam godt at han er Deres. ;-)
Jessica Sawa oh Micah you already know me so well!! hehehe
Micah: I have my ways. :D
Alcina: Nåde Sabina, Tak meget. Jeg er ikke fru ... endnu.
Sabina Bundgaard Det skal de skam nok blive... en dag ;-)
Alcina: Har du læst bogen 3 endnu?
Sabina Bundgaard Nej, beklager Deres Nåde. Der er vise frøkener der kægger beslag på min tid for øjeblikket samtidigt med at jeg prøver på at opbygge min egen vidunderlige verden for bøger. :-)
Alcina: Åh, tilgiv mig dengang. Jeg vil ikke sige mere om emnet på dette tidspunkt. Hvordan er min dialekt?
Gilroy: Jeg mener ikke at være uhøflig, men har du unger så?
Sabina Bundgaard børn, Deres Nåde Gilroy. Men det var ikke mine børn jeg talte om :-P
Sabina Bundgaard Deres Nåde Alcina, Deres dialekt er udmærket. Jeg har absolut ingen problemer med at fortså Dem. :-)
Gilroy: Åh, tilgiv mig da, frue. Jeg håber, at jeg ikke fornærme dig.
Sabina Bundgaard Overhovedet ikke, Deres Nåde. :-) Der skal skam MEGET mere til- bare spørg Ann. :-D
Alcina: Tak! Jeg prøver hårdt på at justere og lære. Det er en trøst at tale i modersmål, er det ikke?
Gilroy: :D
Sabina Bundgaard Det er altid skønt at tale med andre på sit Modersmål. :-)
Sealey: (clears throat) I don't think I've seen Gilroy smile so much before. I didn't think the guy knew how to relax! :D
Sabina Bundgaard It helps when you smile at other Sealey - you should know that! :-)

Sealey: Yes, ma'am. :D I practice frequently too.

Sabina Bundgaard Yeah, kinda got the feeling you did! LOL

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