Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thank You!!!

I am proud to say that I've been doing much better with planning ahead.  I've got some absolutely amazing book tours, reviews, and GIVEAWAYS scheduled!!!

While this is my author blog, I'm all about books.  And... when I see great books I just have to share.  I really hope you like what's coming this month and next.  There are a lot of things happening on this side of the screen also.  I have two more ShortBooks coming out soon, new covers to reveal for some of my own books, and Snow Flower Enterprises to run... SFE has some great new happenings also.

Along with the services for family friendly books and services, Snow Flower Enterprises has opened a new division for books with more adult content.  Horror and Romance novels now have a home with Snow Flower!    The new division is called Snow Flowers After Dark.  Everyone old enough should check it out.  There are already authors signing up with some exciting new books!

New books, new authors, new sites!!!! Oh My!

It is great how things are starting to pick up steam now! So, what I REALLY need to say to all of you is a great big


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