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Transcripts of Live Interview - part 5

Taken from the Facebook event...

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Ruuna: Now this sounds more like my style.  I love this!!!
Sabina Bundgaard She's Danish
Ruuna: Wow! Cool! Maybe I'll hear some of this if I ever get to the Autumn Festival in Endia!
Gilroy: Indeed you will, Ruuna. We have many musicians during the Festivals.
Sabina Bundgaard Emmelie is an amazing singer. :-)
Ruuna: I have a question... How do you get Danish out of Denmark??? All I see is the D. English comes from the place called England, right?
Ruuna: Wait... that wasn't rude was it? Are you like the elves in that aspect too?
Sabina Bundgaard LOL, no Ruuna, I'm not. :-)
Nester: Lucked out on that one Ruuna.
Ruuna: I don't think she has the same powers Krissa does, Nester. And if she did, I don't think she would have reacted the same. So, :P
Sabina Bundgaard I'm a very novoable person with LOADS of patience. Usually :-P
Ruuna: You see!

this is one of my favorite singers
Sealey: What I wouldn't give for a piano right now to play along!
Krissa: I didn't know you played piano Sealey!
Khevin: Did you think he was nothing by irritation? LOL
Khevin: Hey! LOL
Sealey: If you think I've aggravated so far... wait till we go home. :D

Fawnah: Oh dear! I just realized that those who haven't read book 3 yet don't even know who I am.. (giggles) That explains a few things.
Sabina Bundgaard I'm sure it will be a pleasure getting to know you Fawnah. :-)
Fawnah: Perhaps we could come back again and talk to people after they read it. Do you think that would be a good idea?
Sabina Bundgaard It would. You are also more than welcome to stop by my blog and have a chat. :-)
Fawnah: Wow! Thank you! I'm sure Ann knows how to get there. That would be fun. :D
Sabina Bundgaard I'm sure she does. :-)

My question is for Ann and I am so sorry if someone else has asked this already but where in the WORLD did you come up with this whole story, you have such an imagination and you truly put it to paper so well that a movie is always playing in my head, I can see and smell and feel everything that they are doing... you characters are wonderful but what was your inspiration for this story?
Ann Snizek Thank you. First, I was asked, but I don't mind saying it again.
Jessica Sawa I can scroll through and find it no biggie I was planning on scrolling through to see what I missed anyway ;)
Ann Snizek I was working on coming up with creatures with my daughter. She created the mo'zezy that we'll meet soon and I came up with the tunuftolates... So, I had to make a world for them.
Jessica Sawa what a great thing to share with your daughter!!! AMAZING! I love it!!
Ann Snizek It has been great fun. She helps me with bouncing ideas around. She knows the characters almost as well as I do!
Raven Reviewer Awesome!
Ann Snizek sometimes when I daydream, I picture the connection Anne McCaffrey had with her son Todd. :D
Jodie Pierce-Author It's such an amazing story! I've loved every minute of it. Thank you Ann Snizek for the great journey the books have taken me on!
Ann Snizek You're welcome, Jodie. They've taken me on the journey too.
Ann Snizek I still have a hard time believing that people like them as much as I do. :D
Jessica Sawa well believe it baby!! cuz we do!

just for Krissa
Krissa: Thanks! I like it. I've never heard her before. I miss CD's!
Hayle Ana Garcia do CD players not work in Tunftol ? or do you just not have one?
Krissa: I had one, but there are no electrical outlets or batteries. So, it makes things harder.
Hayle Ana Garcia you could get solar panels
Krissa: That might work.
Sealey: I could charge them for you. :D
Khevin: We could always get a lot of rechargeable batteries and have one of the traders bring them back and forth through the gate also.

Sealey: Hey, Hayle... I stole the computer for a moment. This is one of my favorite songs to play. Do you play any instruments?
Sealey: Shoot. For that matter does anyone here play instruments??
Hayle Ana Garcia I play a little bit of the Piano
Sealey: Awesome!  If we ever get the chance... I'll bring my guitar and you can play the piano.
Hayle Ana Garcia that would be awesome
Alcina: Okay... wait a minute! Sealey, you play the piano and guitar?? How come I never knew?
Micah: Don't worry, Alcina. Most people didn't know.
Hayle Ana Garcia Hay Sealey any other instruments that we don't know about
Sealey: I've played a little drums, but I like piano and guitar the most. I haven't really tried any others yet.

Pin, have you thought of marrying Lonnie and having children?
Pin: Yup! We will be formally engaged when I'm old enough, but we aren't going to rush into the whole wedding thing. And yes, I plan to have several kids. :D  Eventually (giggle)
Pin: I think kids are great! Lonnie is from a big family, and he likes kids too. I think he will make a great dad some day. Don't you??  Yeah... hehehe why???
Sabina Bundgaard LOL, I do - but what does he think about it?
Pin: Oops.. sorry... I misunderstood the question. I thought you were asking me if I was sure about being with Lonnie for the rest of my life... not that you were asking him his opinion. I'll let him answer that for himself.
Lonnie: I love kids.
David R Bennett How many kids do you two wish to have?
Pin and Lonnie together: (Pin: 4) (Lonnie: 6)
Pin: LOL.. we have a few things to figure out still.
Brydon: Look Lord Gilroy.... You can even see Lonnie change colors on the screen.
David R Bennett Do you two believe the Khevin and Krissa will ever get married?
Pin: Krissa has always been like a sister to me. I'd love to have her as a "real" sister too.
Lonnie: I can see it -- no pun intended -- but it's up to them.
David R Bennett What's next for you two? Are you two still going on any more adventures or will you stay at the Fortress?
Pin: I think I'd like to help on adventures still. My legs are better and I don't want to miss out.
Lonnie: I agree. I'm sure I'll be on more adventures.
Raven Reviewer Have you planned out your wedding yet Pin? Like the dresses and cake and colors and stuff?
Ann Snizek OH Yes!!! I have an entire scrapbook of outfits!! :D I have been collecting samples and looking for the right items. The cool part is I have room to store it at the Fortress!!!
Pin: I'll have to put together some samples and ask Ann to share them with you all!
Lonnie: Blue and white
Raven Reviewer Why blue and white?
Lonnie: :D Because I make it look good.
Pin: Lonnie!
Lonnie: Actually, it's because we both look good in it and it's the color of Pin's eyes.
Lonnie: What?? I'm serious... :D Aren't her eyes blue?
Sealey: Man, Lonnie. You need to stop that now. She can't smack you and my arm is starting to sting. :D

Sealey: There we go!! I need to find somebody to get together and do this! I'll have to get some sheet music or something and teach people if need be! :D
Everyone familiar with Earth -- that has lived here: Yeah!

Gilroy: How can you be something you're not?

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