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Transcripts of Live Interview - part 6

Taken from the Facebook event...

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All who can play an instrument (if it's okay with Pin and Lonnie)... we should play this at the wedding.
Jessica Sawa (heart) it!!!
Pin: That works for me!!!
Lonnie: Me too. That is a nice piece of music and weddings are supposed to be all lovey and stuff. (Big Grin)
Sealey: I could do it. If you like it that much... I'd love to do something like that for you guys.
Pin: Awww... Thank you Sealey! That is so sweet of you.
Lonnie: Yeah, it is sweet. Are you okay?
Sealey: Come on Lonnie! I'm trying to get her to stop smacking the same spot on my arm. LOL
Pin: Don't worry Sealey. I won't smack you for that one. But Lonnie's going to have to deal with me when we get back. (Big Grin)
Krissa: Lonnie, I think Pin's talkative nature is starting to rub off on you.

Sealey: Great!!! A break... time to grab some more of that spread Jessica Sawa set out.
Micah: You mean there's some left?

Fawnah: Since not everyone knows who we are, maybe we can at least tell them something about ourselves. Does that sound good to anybody???
Fawnah: LOL... I guess it can wait!
Hayle Ana Garcia do you have any siblings
Fawnah: Yes. Krissa is my twin sister and Micah is my brother, but I also have siblings that I was raised with in Aiyetoro. I have two little sisters and a little brother there. Of the siblings in Aiytoro, my sisters are 11 and 8 and my little brother is 4.

Khevin, can you please explain the swirling eyes?
Khevin: (chuckle) Sure. Most people can't see it, but it is what my eyes really look since I became Israj. The blue is almost like a screen over them. The swirling motion is the energy contained within. I shield it because it can endanger people not capable of handling the energy. It is also a... more private side of me. I don't like to tap into my energies that much.
Michele Biring Pani Dangerous how? What can happen?
Khevin: Wow! A lot of things could happen, but the one that seems most prominent is that my power somehow floods their nervous system... overloading them. Depending on who the person is, I suppose it could kill them if I pushed it. I've worked hard to control the Israj and haven't really let it go past pain.
Krissa: That's sort of what happened when we met at Grandma Athey's farm, but I don't feel the overwhelming force anymore.

Ann, how many books are there in the series? What are you future plans? How much have you written? For now how much do you intend to write?
Ann Snizek Right now, there are 3 completed books. I'm working on book 4 and I have books 5 and 6 conceptually in mind. Unless the story demands it, I think that will be the
end of this particular series, but I'm thinking on several spin-offs so that we don't leave our friends completely. (heart)
David R Bennett I would hate to see it end at six. I know what it's like to write a series. I'm sure your ideas will continue after six.
Ann Snizek Originally, I only planned to go to four.... sooooo... you're probably right.
Michele Biring Pani At 3, I was quite content. At the thought of 6 books, I am so excited! I can't say that about too many series of books. I really like stand-alones. This was a nice read. What's book 4 like?
Ann Snizek I'm planning on shaking things up a bit in book 4... LOL Things have been a bit too predictable to me and I want it to be... more.
David R Bennett You think these books were PREDICTABLE ?!? Please, Ann. I know how you write. You have no idea what happens til you write it.
Ann Snizek Book 4 is entitled: The Sword of Israj... so, that gives you a bit of a hint there. We get to see more of the planet Nyssa!
Ann Snizek yeah... but... :/
Ann Snizek (stomping my foot and pouting... LOL)
Ann Snizek You should see the looks the characters are all giving me!!!!
David R Bennett You also know mine is the same way.
Ann Snizek (Big Grin)
David R Bennett My characters love to drive me nuts too.
Michele Biring Pani Yeah...not predictable at all. LOL
Ann Snizek Okay.. well maybe it's just that I KNOW what's going to happen... LOL
Ann Snizek Does that mean that you can basically expect more of the same awesomeness???
David R Bennett Hope so.
Sabina Bundgaard The BIG question is: are the characters driving YOU crazy, or is it the other way around?! (sticks out tongue)
Ann Snizek ROFL... ummm... I'll have to get back to you on that!!!
David R Bennett If you ask my characters, Sabina, they'd say I drive them crazy.

For Kevin, is there any plans in the future to making Krissa your queen? And do you know if you and the rest will meet any new friends?
Khevin: Krissa and I have a lot of things to take care of before we consider going that far. I have to admit that I've thought about it though.
Khevin: As far as new friends go... sure! I meet people all the time and I'm sure there will be friends.
David R Bennett Do you know if Krissa has thought about becoming your Queen?
Khevin: You'd have to ask her that.
Krissa: I've thought about it... sure. I mean, don't most teenage girls dating a king think about one day becoming queen? But, unlike Alcina, Pin, and Fawnah... I haven't really been raised to think about marriage so young. There are a lot of things I want to do. I don't know... I suppose if it happens it happens. We did see the philo birds too. So, there is that.
David R Bennett Krissa, ever thought about having children?
Krissa: Kids! I'm not even 16 yet. I suppose I'd like to have kids eventually, but right now I can't stand most of them.. Brydon is an exception. I just don't want to be responsible for someone else... I've seen some nasty stuff and I don't know if I really want to bring another life into the picture... ya know?
David R Bennett I think eventually you 'll change your mind. You're young.
Krissa: I might. You never know.
Micah: I do. (Big Grin)
*Sealey and Micah high-five*

Will we meet any new characters in books 4,5,& 6
David R Bennett Oh, Ann...
Ann Snizek Yes! One we already met in book 1, but he disappeared. (Jr. Master Sutter) There are a couple completely new characters I'm working on and we get to meet the mo'zezy!!!!
David R Bennett Mo'zezy?!?
Ann Snizek They are listed in the back of the books under the Field Guide
Ann Snizek Hehehehe
David R Bennett I guess I will have to look it up then. Been a few months since I read Jewel of Nirel.
Ann Snizek They are the other indigenous, intelligent creatures on planet Nyssa. They don't usually live in Tunuftol. Most of them are found in Endia and Rynia.
David R Bennett Like what?!?
Ann Snizek I don't understand your question man! LOL
David R Bennett what are some of the other indigenous, intelligent creatures on Nyssa.

How many tufuntolates are there on Tunuftol? Are there any plans to spin-off there own series of tales?
Ann Snizek There are several communities in Tunuftol, like the Cliff Borrow, Great Tree, and Great Meadow groups. Yes, I do plan on them having their own series!! I love how they interact. I've got a short story of Reza that fits in just after book 2. I plan on expanding that and writing more similar stories for them. (heart)
David R Bennett Yes, I read the story Reza's Dream. Thought it was absolutely fabulous. Would love to learn more about them. But that doesn't exactly tell me how many?
Ann Snizek We haven't done a complete census. Since the genocide that Lord Zayd and his cohorts attempted, they have been more secretive and hidden then normal. So, it's hard to tell. Cliff Burrow has around 400-500 itself and is the largest colony we've come across so far. But there are anywhere from 8-15 other colonies within Tunuftol. Does that help?
David R Bennett Yeah, that helps. How's the reception there? What's the Fortress like?
Ann Snizek The reception for what?
David R Bennett your connection to the internet.
Ann Snizek Ah.. The signal is a bit touch and go. Lonnie is as close to the gate as he can be comfortably. Fawnah, Krissa, Khevin, and Sealey are using their powers to make sure he can communicate with us. Everyone else is here with me. (Big Grin)
Sealey: Nice. I don't know this song. Can you get me the sheet music Hayle?
Sealey: Awesome! Thanks. (wink)

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