Saturday, September 28, 2013

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I can take a breathe today, at least for a moment.  

I am so excited about the line-up of books I have set up for you all.  There are tons of books that promise to be great reads that I will review for you, a few promos, cover reveals, some new releases, interviews, and even guest posts!  I'm on the lookout for guests that will be bringing you some great information also.

On my own writing front, I have another ShortBook that will be released soon, called Xandra.  I'm making progress in The Sword of Israj (Tunuftol book 4) and For Giva de Vine (Payton Chronicles book 2).  There are a couple off shoots for the Tunuftol series that I am researching for also.  One of my short stories, The Inimitable Vampire Child, was published in a charity anthology called In Vein (available at Amazon)

With the business end of life at Snow Flower Enterprises, we have exciting things happening too!  Our newest author, Marissa Carmel, will be publishing her first book with us through the  Snow Flowers After Dark division.  The book: Strip Me Bare is scheduled for release on October 10th!!!  It is already listed on Goodreads and you can also see it at Snow Flowers After Dark, if you are 18+.

Emily Walker is also working on a new project with Snow Flowers After Dark.  Her cover reveal for The Kingdom (also listed on Goodreads) is scheduled for October 31st with Around the Universe Tours, and is planned for release in Feb. '14!

Katie Mendez, a wonderful new author of Home Alone: A Family Guide for Latch Key Kids, has a book in the works also.  We are hoping it will be ready for a November release!! It is an adorable story about a mouse family at Christmas.

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