Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dream World

AUTHOR: SJ Hitchcock
GENRE: YA Romance
PUBLISHER: Freaky Fiction Writing


Debbie who witnesses the death of her mother, and uses her dreams as a way to escape the real world. Where she feels safe and loved, in Joshua Lawson’s arms, the guy from her favourite TV show Victor, and from her favourite poster above her bed.

Karen is ignored by all her family, she really just wants to be loved by them, and takes out her anger on her former best friend, Debbie and anyone who gets in her way.

Lastly, Mark whose shipped off to the UK to live, while his parents are on tour for the next year. And Mark has always lived in the shadow of his cousin

 Dream World has a lot of wonderful scene descriptions.  The action starts right from the start and you travel through grief with Debbie, feelings of isolation with Karen, and with Mark as he struggles to make his mark.  All of these young people are struggling to find their places in this world.  

Despite the wonderful descriptions, I found places where I struggled to connect and follow these characters.  I think there are some wonderful aspects to this story, but also feel that it could benefit from a little more editing to fine tune it.  It's not exactly one of my favorites, but it did have some great strengths in the world building and with how Hitchcock captured the single-minded, obsessiveness of people suffering from depression and the thought process of many young people in general.

Meet The Author

Sarah Hitchcock was born in Norfolk, in a small town called Kings Lynn.  She always was a keen reader, and one day decided to attempt to write her own, and never looked back.  Today she has many novels in various stages of editing and re-writing.  Her current WIP, is in the final stages of editing, and will be out later this year as an ebook.
After finishing high school and then training to work with children, Sarah started her first job. She currently works as a pre-school teacher. 
Sarah has four children, and three dogs, and a partner who has had to put up with her rambling on about all her WIP’s.
She recalls spending hours thinking about her characters and their story lines.  To this day, she often falls asleep thinking about where she can take new and old characters.

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