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Transcripts of Live Interview - part 7

Taken from the Facebook event...

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Sealey: Whoa! it has words.. sweet.
Ruuna: Wow, Sealey! I didn't know you could sing too! Dang!
Fawnah: Sealey... is there anything you don't do well?
Sealey(Big Grin)...
Alcina: dance!
Sealey: Alright... I don't dance so well.

Sealey: Here's a question for all of you... If you had to pick one of us (and only one) to go on an adventure with, who would it be and where would you go?
Jessica Sawa ok I choose Lord Gilroy (the banner helps hehe) and the adventure well are we a G rated or R rated interview (wink) (wink) BWAHAHA
Gilroy: (clears his throat and fidgets)
Jessica Sawa *giggles and blushes* did I say that out loud? oops my bad... (wink) (sticks out tongue)
Sealey: If Elves could blush... I think Gilroy would be there! LOL
Alcina: Don't worry, Jessica Sawa... I understand completely. ;)
Raven Reviewer I'd go with the King. (Big Grin)
Khevin: Thank you. (Big Grin)
David R Bennett I'd go with Fawnah
Fawnah: LOL.. really? I don't even know what to say. :)
David R Bennett You gotta have a nice guy to adventure with. Maybe even hook you up with one of my special friends.
Dimitri: I think she's already "hooked up" my friend.
David R Bennett oh, didn't know.
Dimitri(Big Grin) Now you do. I understand. She is lovely.
David R Bennett Michelle Carpenter: I'd travel with Michah. He's cute.
David R Bennett *Roll my eyes* How'd she get in here?!?
Sealey: How indeed? Man... you can't slip it past me. I don't know about these other guys here, but I'm pretty sure they noticed too.
Ruuna: Maybe they can be penpals.
David R Bennett Not me a character from one of my series came in. She's a ten year old girl named Michelle Carpenter with psychic powers
Micah: Hmmm... interesting.
David R Bennett Michelle: How dare you get me and David mixed up mister (pointing at Sealey)
David R Bennett Oh, Sealey hope you don't have to face her wrath...
Sealey: (hands up) I didn't get you mixed up. "Man" is an expression.  I've always been better with my hands anyway.  (Big Grin)

C.e. Wolff is going.
Ann Snizek Hey!! New people! Welcome. (Big Grin)
C.e. Wolff Thanks for the invite!
Ann Snizek Sure! Did you want to ask any questions? I'm here longer than I planned (on the computer)... I thought I'd be gone and using the phone by now.
C.e. Wolff I'm new to your writing, so I haven't had an opportunity to delve into your work yet. I do congratulate you on all of your wonderful feedback and positive reviews. I will download ASAP!!!
Ann Snizek Well, if you look over what has already gone on today and feel like adding to it... GO FOR IT! (Big Grin)

Pin and Krissa: Oh!! I love Adele!!

Okay now if you have never seen this... well now you have
Sealey: YES!!!!
Hayle Ana Garcia do you have a favorite song Micah
Micah: Hmmm. Let me think about that. I like lots of music.

Nester what's the coolest human gadget?
Nester: Ummm... sorry, I was eating.  I like the camera.
Sealey:  He means the video cameras... He's fascinated with movies.
David R Bennett Really, are there any others besides the video camera that you find fascinating?
Nester:  Cars are faster than even my horses, but I prefer the horses.  Video games are interesting.  I find it humorous how elves are depicted in them.  I'm not used to seeing them so short!
David R Bennett Yeah, I can see how that can be hilarious.  Have you given phones a try.
Nester: Not really. I've been telepathic all my life. Phones don't work on Nyssa because we have no space junk.
Nester: Was that funny? Did I say something wrong?
Sealey: Nope... (Big Grin)
Nester: Oh. I also like the TVs that aren't TVs... Like what we are using now. Computers? They are extremely interesting!
Gilroy: Yes, computers are fascinating. They allow us to communicate without even knowing were everyone is. It also holds an amazing collection of libraries for researching.
David R Bennett True, so true. We can communicate from over great distances.
Gilroy: I have great reach with my communications, but I'm told that computers are what makes this visit possible for Lonnie.
David R Bennett That's good to hear. I don't want you getting lost on Nyssa, Ann.
Ann Snizek I couldn't get lost with this group!
David R Bennett Let's hope not. It's got to be a lot different there than here.
Nester: Excuse me sir... While the technology is different, the terrain is quite similar to many areas on this planet from what I've seen. I'm not sure about certain areas, but the general countryside is similar. Plants are different.
David R Bennett Take care of Ann. I'd hate to send in the PIs to come get her.
David R Bennett Paranormal Investigators
Ann Snizek Thanks David. I'll be fine. I've been there before. (Big Grin)
David R Bennett that's good
Micah: Mr. David R Bennett...
David R Bennett yes, Micah?
Micah: If you had Paranormal Investigators go to Nyssa, they would be overwhelmed. The planet itself is where we draw our power. We have genetically linked with it and it with us. Therefore, it is a paranormal planet... How would your investigators cope when everyone and everything is paranormal?
David R Bennett Some of them are kinda Paranormal themselves. One's got electrostatic powers, one's psychic, one's a healer, one's tech master, & one's a fighter with more than 300 years of referable knowledge.
David R Bennett They are also all angels born in human flesh.
Micah: We will have to discuss this topic further some time. It is most interesting.
Micah: For instance... we have the Israj: king of gods... and I won't go into the other names right now... but I do want to talk to you about it.
David R Bennett Not a problem, I will talk to your secretary and see what we can do about setting up a meeting between your team and mine.
Micah: I know. (Big Grin)
Sealey: LOL
David R Bennett Micah, I am just a Chronicler myself.
David R Bennett You never know, Sealey you might get along with them.
Micah: Yes, sir. But I have found chroniclers to be more aware of certain things that others seem to miss.
Sealey: I might at that. (Big Grin)  I'm not that hard to get along with.
Pin: LOL
David R Bennett Let's hope not, I know that my team wants to get out of the doldrums they are in. They hate the situation they're currently in.
Micah: perhaps they need to look at things with fresh eyes.
David R Bennett They are trying but they go through a lot of trials and tribulations that are hard to take.
Micah: I can certainly understand that, sir.
Krissa: yeah! That's for sure.
David R Bennett I know you two, especially, can understand. Going from one foster house to another must be rough. But Destiny has lost her parents but found the rest of her family which she knew naught of.
Krissa: We've done that too. After all, we have Ruuna now and Fawnah and even Gilroy.
Gilroy: Me?
Krissa: Of course you... dope. You're Ruuna's brother, even if it is only half. So, you're family.
David R Bennett All the Paranormal Investigators that I chronicle are family, if not by blood, by marriage. So they are all family.
Krissa: Family is nice.
David R Bennett I thinks times...there are also those times when you want to strangle your family too. But I think that is all families.
Lonnie: Then you have family that's closer than blood.
David R Bennett Sometimes...There are times I want to draw their blood too, but that's for a different time... Anyways, go to go. Been nice talking to you all.
Everyone: Thank you... nice talking to you too.
David R Bennett see you later.
Jessica Sawa OMG OMG OMG!! Can I blog the meeting between Micah and David R Bennett? PLEASE Ann Snizek and David????
Tunuftol We will have to talk about it.

Okay party people! I have just a few minutes to get ready. Then we are going to go eat! (No offense Jessica Sawa... Your spread was lovely, but all those growing boys finished it off on me.) Then I will be back on to see if there are any questions from those in different time zones that haven't gotten to join us yet.
Any last questions before break???
Jessica Sawa I just had Steak and sweet potato and sauteed mushrooms and salad. LIKE A BOSS!! lol....
Tunuftol Sure rub it in! (Big Grin)
Jessica Sawa I just had Steak and sweet potato and sauteed mushrooms and salad. LIKE A BOSS!! lol....
Tunuftol (Sticks out tongue)

The Tunuftol family of friends wants to thank everyone who joined us today... Those who read and enjoyed, but even more those that brought questions that made it possible. We all had a great time and hope you did too.
Tunuftol For anyone that just got here: if you have questions that haven't been answered, go ahead and ask. Brydon has gone to bed and Pin is talking with Lonnie.
Jessica Sawa had such a great day with you all!! xoxo see you in book 3 by Tuesday or so. (wink)

I didn't get a chance to attend today since I was busy all day. I had a few questions, which you don't have to answer right away, but I'm a new writer and was curious about a few things.
1. I just recently heard about the Snowflake Method. Are there any other writing strategies other than this?
2. I find it difficult to devise a story off hand. How does someone approach this when having writer's block?...
3. Is it necessary to research all facts before writing a fictional story? (To legitimize certain parts of your book.)
4. I get so wrapped up in details of names, etc. and totally miss out on a plot, or do not detail enough about some aspects of a story, and I wish it had more flow. I just wrote two kid's stories, which came to me without any issue, so it seems I wasn't meant to write more mature content. Does writing improve more over time, or should I stick to what I know?
5. I'm in need of an illustrator for two of my books. How do I approach this without spending an exorbitant amount of money? (Simple water colours or pencil)
Thank you so much for any help you might offer. I am away for a few days this week so if you could respond by message that would be fabulous.
Tunuftol WOW! What great questions! I can answer a little now, but it is harder by phone. First let me say that my answers are from my experiences and observations. 1. I have never heard of the Snowflake Method, but I like the name. I do know there are multiple strategies for writing though. I don't know what they are called. I will have to look this up now that you peeked my interest. (Big Grin)
2. What I do is keep random ideas on index cards that I carry with me. That way no matter where I am, if an idea comes I can write it down and go over them when I am stumped. If that doesn't help, I either go to another project for a while or read one of the books from my TBR list. (Big Grin)
3. I will say it depends on your story line and characters. I will go into this and the last two more on Wednesday when I get back on the computer. (Big Grin)
4.  Writing DOES improve over time.  The more you write, the better you get... especially if you have someone helping you by pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of your work.  I feel that it is always better to stick with what feels comfortable, but that doesn't mean to be lax or lazy about it.  You can still push yourself, just don't make your work suffer by forcing it somewhere it doesn't want to go.
5.  As far as illustrators go, if you can't do it yourself then you will most likely need to pay for it. (Unless you are lucky enough to win something or get a friend to do it for you.)  But the less expensive ideas I've heard - but haven't tried - are going to schools (colleges, trade schools, etc.), placing an add for local artists, going to local art galleries or festivals where art is shown.  It depends on the type of art you are looking for and how much you consider a lot.

Sorry I missed this today. I have book 3 and can't wait to read it. Books 1 & 2 were sooooo fantastic....I can only imagine what Ann has in store to make it through book 6! I can't wait to read each one! She's so awesome and her writing is amazing! Congrats on all the success Ann and I wish you much more!
David R Bennett She has a few things in mind past the series for these characters too, Jodie. And something tells me that she'll get her series past six books.
Tunuftol Thank you Jodie! It means so much to me that you all like my books so much. (heart) I hope I don't disappoint anyone. (Big Grin)

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