Monday, June 1, 2015

A to Z: ShortBooks - What are they?

HORTBOOKS - What are they?

Well... They started out with this cute little girl, Raelynn... As friends with her mom, I'd heard about her (then) upcoming 5th birthday. However, I wasn't in a position at the time to send her anything.

Instead, I asked her mom about some of Raelynn's favorite things. I made a list and wrote a story. Then I found pictures to go along with it and made a book.
Once finished, I sent the book directly to Raelynn. 

As you can see in her picture above, she loved it!

 Sparked by this concept, I developed a set of questions and proceeded to make a form. People filled out the form, and I made a book. These aren't exactly novellas, though the lower level books would be considered picture books, Since I used the same format and process to create them, I named them ShortBooks by Snow Flower.

They are created in short time frames, similar to flash fiction, but are inspired by and based off the specifics in the questionnaire/order form.

 I have an endless imagination and with the inspiration provided through the form, I'm able to develop stories that are customized, yet not form books that simply plug in a name to a formed story.

Each book is unique. 

They make wonderful gifts!

And as you can guess by the titles and covers, they're not just for kids. 

I'm primarily a children's author. I write picture books & early readers (ages 3-8),  MG & YA (Middle Grade; ages 9-12 & Young Adult; ages 13-18), and occasionally venture into NA (New Adult; ages 18-25). Many adults, myself included, enjoy YA and NA books. So, it opens the doors of possibilities quite wide.

I haven't written any new ShortBooks in a while. I even took the order form offline for some time. I'm happy to say that it's live once more and I'm excited to write for more special moments. 

In addition to this, I have new graphics capabilities now. This means that I'll be able to produce more original and/or specialized work for covers and interiors. It also means that a few of the books that didn't meet my own desired results will get a new look. Perhaps just a cover, perhaps a new interior.

Today's chosen blogs, the lucky three, the newly discovered by me are....

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  2. American Indians in Children's Literature - Eye opening and fascinating. An amazing site with wonderful books and resources!
  3. The Book Nut - NICE! Looks like my type of books!! I'm adding to my TBR list already. 

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