Saturday, June 6, 2015

A to Z: X Marks the Spot


Setting goals and reaching them is the most basic and often most challenging concept for many writers. You want to push yourself, challenge yourself, but you don't want to take on so much that you get overwhelmed and burn out.

This balancing act is difficult, but not impossible.

What do you want to accomplish with your writing? Are you doing it for therapy? Out of boredom? Do you have a story just bursting to come out? Perhaps you have always wanted to have a book in your hands to say you did it. Do you want to be an award winning author? Do you want to be a best seller? Do you want to be a better writer? Or is it just something you were told you have to do by a teacher, boss, or parent?

Whatever your goals may be, and you can have more than one, keep that goal in mind. If you find yourself doing something or faced with a decision, think about where it will lead you. Will it lead you closer to your goal or farther away?

Is it okay to change your goal? Of course! It's your goal. As you travel through life and have your own experiences, you should learn and grow. This sometimes changes the light on our priorities and goals in life. However, you - and you alone - must decide if your goals are different or if what you face is an obstacle.

Others can influence you, point out things you may not have considered or simply didn't want to face, but ultimately the choice is yours. They are still your goals.

I find that the more I write, the more refined my skills and the more defined my goals become. I've been writing since before kindergarten, but when I began to seriously pursue writing my goal was to have a book in my hand... to say,"Look at this. I made this."

Well, I now have 19 books and have contributed to magazines as well as charity anthologies. My goal to HAVE a book has been fulfilled. So, I set a new goal. Now, I want to be an award winning, best seller that people love to read.

In order to do this, I have to ask myself, "Do I write award winning books?" I have to admit that not all my work would win awards. I do feel that I have the potential and that some of my books could. The next phase in this goal is to find the right awards and enter contests.

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