Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A to Z: Wrap Up & Giveaway Winners


Wrap Up

I enjoyed the process and challenge. It was difficult getting into the rhythm of writing posts so frequently after such a long break, but I feel wonderful for having done it. I've discovered several new sites that I look forward to gleaning information and enjoyment from.

I hope my readers have enjoyed this challenge as well.I didn't get as much interaction as I'd hoped for, but I'm glad to see that people have been reading and following me on this journey.

Looking back, I'm not sure what I'd change, but I hope to continue researching the process to constantly improve. Certainly things could improve as with any other writing project. This process has given me a wonderful stretch of the fingers and the mind.

Thank you for following my challenge. Please enjoy my blog as I continue even if not an every day post. The pace is a bit tasking. Perhaps 4 original posts a week would be more manageable for me. I'd like to participate more with some promotions, even if I'm not able to contribute with the reviews as often as I'd like.

Thank you all.

No one entered the Rafflecopter giveaway. So, the winners were chosen only for the Giveaway on day G.

1st place winner: Christina Condy
Christina wins an ebook copy of To Eris - Human; a signed post card; and a signed bumper sticker
Thank you for entering Christina!

2nd place winner: Regina Cassady
Regina wins a signed post card and a bumper sticker.
Thank you for entering also Regina!

3rd place
Only 2 entries.

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