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To Eris - Human tour (The Characters of #PaytonChronicles)

Meeting the characters of the Payton Chronicles also called 
Character Development.

My process of developing characters is to build a comprehensive profile for each main character to include their personal backstory. The information contained in this profile might just stay in the profile, but the purpose of it is to get you to know your characters.

If you think of your family or best friends. How many times have you seen something or heard something and said/thought... That is just like (insert name here). OR That couldn't have been (insert name here) because they'd never do something like that.

It's because you know them. You know their characteristics. 

To write believable characters that people can connect with, you need to make them real. They need to have flaws and skills. They need to have hopes & dreams as well as fears & issues. Get to know your characters and even in a scene with a group of them, you'll know which characters will do what.. and why. It provides a base for consistent reactions.

You can even use this information to make someone step out of character at times. Are they normally a calm character, but has a secret fear of clowns? If so, they could act our of their normal character in a situation with clowns. Or if your character is normally mousy and fearful, they might show their inner strength in a situation where they're friends are in danger.

I love character building. I get to meet new friends and create antagonists even. Even they have reasons for why they do what they do. Perhaps that bully is that way because she's insecure. She doesn't get love at home despite all her possessions. 

Perhaps those "brats" are that way because they have just lost a loved one and blame themselves.

Perhaps that man that you hate is that way because he was forced to watch his mother killed when he was a child and has had a mental break with reality. 

All of these things and so many more are elements that can make a big difference in your writing. 

Some of the characters of Payton Chronicles:

In To Eris - Human, Eris has experienced domestic violence. This isn't the theme of the story, nor is she a "victim" personality. She has inner strength and does what she can to grow as an individual -- to be more that what has happened to her. Her journey to free herself and find herself starts here.

Nelson is an interesting combination. He has the memories of Matt, but Nelson is the dominant personality. In the merge, he took on personality traits that weren't his norm. So, I can use this for "out of characteristic" reactions to things and have a plausible reason that doesn't make him psychotic or have other "mental issues." Imagine what it's like to absorb another persons mind - personality, memories, fears, hopes... 

Quinn, the older brother has similar traits to his brother, as you might expect in siblings that compete, but he definitely has his own personality with strengths and weaknesses. His health issues put a much different spin on his reactions than Nelson's because they're facing an epidemic from different angles. Someone suffering an illness reacts in ways that someone watching them suffer might not understand.

Even the twins, Keeley and Greeley, are different. One is obviously more dominant than the other, but both are comical. Especially together. They're a team, bonded before birth, yet definite individuals. 

Eris' mom has reasons for why she does what she does too. You may or may not understand or agree with her reasons, but they're hers. So, you don't have to. LOL. You may not like her, you may get upset with her, you may pity her. If I've done my job correctly, you may feel all of this and more.

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