Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A to Z: Books, Books, Books

OOKS!!!!  BOOKS!!!!  BOOKS!!!!

We all love them and need them. Reading is a necessity for many aspects of life these days. Some of us write them, but we all devour them in varying degrees of hunger. 

Available to readers...

I have written 4 full length novels -- 3 in the Tunuftol series & 1 in the Payton Chronicles series -- and 14 stand alone short stories called ShortBooks. (More on them later). I also have an anthology of works entirely my own and have contributed to two charity anthologies. 
I even have a book trailer for Tunuftol's Fortress of Light!!!

In the works... 

I have the several books in the works right now. The Sword of Israj (Tunuftol Book 4), For: Giva de Vine (Payton Chronicles 2), a new children's picture book series entitled: The Adventures of AkaPaca & Tatter-Anne, and another picture book titled: Me and My Baba. Check some of my ideas on Pinterest.  I'm also working on getting a book trailer for To Eris - Human!!! 

Ideas for other projects come to me at the oddest times, and I try to write them down before they leave again. Not always the easiest thing to do, especially if I'm driving alone. Although, I have been known to pull over at times when I just HAVE to get something down.
Book Events!

YES! I'm planning on getting out there this coming year. I want to meet my fans, network, and discover new fans. My schedule is posted at Snow Flower Enterprises and will be updated as changes are made and dates are confirmed. 

In addition to in person events next year, I'm working on getting out there more in the virtual world, including a blog tour for To Eris - Human (available in print) that I've scheduled for July 13-18. Don't worry about it filling up, I will book up to 3 per day. So, there is plenty of room. I'm hoping for reviews, but I know not everyone has time for that. Any and all participation will be appreciated. You can sign up with this form.

Here are another 3 blogs that I just discovered during my challenge and I've added them to my "watch" list.

  1. The Brainy Book Blog - WOW! I love how it looks! Big impact and great selections!
  2. Book Angel - A UK blog with an interesting concept. They promote free Amazon ebooks!!!
  3. Fantasy Book Lane - Very nice looking blog. Specializes in Fantasy genre. 

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