Thursday, May 21, 2015

A to Z: Jewels for Juveniles


It's amazing and wonderful how enormous the children's book industry is! I'm proud to say I'm part of that. These are the formative years of our lives -- when we learn the basis of everything in our lives.

These books are gems hidden in words and colorful pictures. Just as precious, if not more so, than any jewels you'd put on your finger.

How many of us, no matter what age, still remember our favorite childhood stories? I'm certain everyone does.

Do you remember a specific book or time when some special magic happened and your love of books took on a new level and dimension in your hearts? Opened the doors to your endless imagination?
We need to make sure quality books reach the hands of our young people. Reading is an essential skill that is honed by practice. The more we read, the more we learn. Our language skills increase. Our mind is our greatest tool and books are my weapons.

Today's three blog choices are: (drum roll please)

  1. Escape into Words - Not a huge site, but I like it. Very honest feeling.
  2. I am a Reader! - Adorable site! Lots of reviewers and reviews!
  3. Just One More Chapter - Love it! All levels of children's books covered. Very cute graphics too. (love the butterfly review ratings!)

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