Sunday, May 17, 2015

A to Z: Goodreads & Giveaway

oodreads & Giveaway

Okay… I’m not completely familiar with all the features on Goodreads. I probably should do more investigating. I know there are lots of resources there. Including, to my surprise, a giveaway set up!

WOW! I may be a bit behind, slow to pick up on things, but at least I finally did. LOL

So, I had a great idea for my upcoming blog tour of To Eris – Human. I’ve set up a giveaway of FIVE SIGNED PAPERBACKS!!! The giveaway is set to coincide with the tour and I’m very excited! You can follow the link at the top of the sidebar on this site and Snow Flower Enterprises.

I’m so excited that I’d like to celebrate everything going on:

  1. I’m doing better at getting “out there” in the virtual world with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  2. I've got bumper stickers
  3. Post cards coming
  4. New business cards
  5. An upcoming tour
  6. Attending my first meet and greet
  7. Submitting To Eris – Human for a Kirkus Review
  8. I’m enjoying My A to Z Challenge
  9. AND discovering the Goodreads Giveaway!!!

In trying to figure out what to do for this celebratory giveaway on here, I came up with the following….

Tweet this post about the giveaway


Share it on Facebook….

Then copy and paste your links to your Tweet and/or Facebook share in the comments below. This will let me verify your share/tweet, thank you, and contact you if you win.

You get one “entry” per share/tweet.

All entries will be sent for a random drawing through MiniWebTool's Random Name Picker, and the winner will be announced on my Wrap Up post at the end of My A to Z Challenge. (June 10, 2015)
Picture of the bumper sticker

1st place: 

· An ebook copy of To Eris – Human

· A signed postcard

· A signed bumper sticker

2nd place:

· A signed postcard

· A bumper sticker

Picture of the post card front

3rd place:

· A postcard

Today's three blogs going on my new list to keep track of!
  1. Fantasy Book Critic - If ever I need a new book, I'm looking here! WOW! Tons of books.
  2. Storytime Books - I love it! The whole site is sweet! Great books and reviews.
  3. Ariesgrl Book Reviews - Interesting look to this site. It's well organized.


  1. Here is my first share... Will tweet once I figure out how to log into my twitter.

  2. I'm still luddite enough that I'm not on twitter yet, so I guess I only get a Facebook entry.

    1. Thank you Regina! Every little bit helps. And you can share it every day for additional entries. :D