Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A to Z: Cons Coming Up

There are so many cons! I have narrowed down the list of what I'm hoping to participate in 6 con events. (Wizard World has 2 events I want to attend.)

I've never even attended a con before, so this will be all new for me that I plan to share with everyone as I go. What I'm expecting/hoping for is exposure and fun with meeting existing fans and discovering new fans.

Plans for my setup and display are forming and my excitement is building. There are other events I'm hoping to join in also, but those are industry events/book fairs and will be mentioned later in this challenge.

Anyway, as a scifi fan and geek, I can't wait to be immersed in such a high concentration of like-minded individuals. I'm not sure if I should go in some sort of costume, just a fan based T-shirt, or more "professional" attire. Any comments form you would be helpful, if not interesting, to hear.

The dates and schedule is posted at Snow Flower Enterprises. I'll update it as I get more information. I definitely want to keep you all posted on it because, after all,

that's the point!
My supply List:

Swag, business cards, books, book stands, table cloth, banner, sharpie, pens, computer, camera, and water bottle.

Swag ideas:

Bumper stickers, post cards, book marks, dropcards or ebook coupons

Any other ideas? Supplies I need & forgot to list? If you've attended or participated in any scifi/fantasy and/or comic cons, and have tips, advice, warnings for me, please comment about it!!! I'd love to hear funny stories and experiences too!

Here are 3 other blogs that I just discovered during my challenge. I've added them to my "watch" list.

  1. Paranormal Cravings - Lots to see, nicely sectioned off. I love the look. It'll keep me busy. 
  2. Twinja Book Reviews - Great site! Love the diversity that we need in YA! Great review style too. Very real and honest. I love how they break down their review process for us.
  3. Trips Down Imagination Road - Very prolific blog. Well organized and easy to follow.

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