Thursday, May 28, 2015

A to Z: Payton Chronicles


YAY!!! I love this book and I'm excited about everything happening around it. 

  1. I have submitted it for a Kirkus Review due on or before July 13th!
  2. I have a book tour I'm setting up for it. Still plenty of space for more bloggers. (If you'd like to review it, but don't have a blog, let me know and we'll work something out.)
  3. I'm working on the second book in this series. Yesterday I even added over 7,000 words to it! 
  4. It has it's own page on Facebook now
  5. I'm working on getting it recorded and made into an audio book!
  6. I have a 5 book giveaway on Goodreads during the tour.

OK... enough of that. You probably want to know what the big deal is with this book. What's so special about it?


Eris needs to discover what’s in the shadows of the forest before she moves yet again, otherwise insanity awaits her. But what she finds challenges everything she thought she knew. Why would her father leave a message for her labeled “To Eris – Human”? 

Nelson needs Eris to follow him back to Downside before the epidemic gets worse, otherwise his brother will die. But he must convince her in time that he’s real and that her DNA holds the key. How can he convince her to trust him? 

Invisible people, hidden cities, and secret genetic engineering. Can 16 year old Eris Payton handle it all or will it finally break her? 

More tidbits:

Eris is incredible. She's 16 and had a very rough life, barely ahead of the authorities as she and her mom move from place to place. Despite the hardships she faces, she's not surrendering to a fate less than she deserves. She longs for more, for better, and is determined to make it happen.

Lucents are a species that has been on Earth as long as humans have. The thing is, humans can't see them, except for Eris. They have learned how to control the electrical impulses of things around them and generally live their lives in the parts of the world that humans don't. Sometimes they may interact, provide inspiration to humans and communicate through electronic devices. (Do we really know where all our emails come from?)

Read this incredibly fresh, amazing YA SciFi and I'm certain you won't be disappointed!

In the second installment of the Payton Chronicles...
For: Giva de Vine

Eris is now on a mission of her own. She must find Giva and deliver the box labeled "For: Giva de Vine" before the rants stop her. Otherwise, she may never get the answers her heart needs.

Is her dad still alive? What does the strange item he left her mean? Does Giva know about her? Did Drs. Payton leave Giva the same thing?

We'll find some answers and ask more questions. Why is Eris the only human that can see the lucents? How can her genes enable her to do what she does? Will she ever be whole?

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