Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A to Z: New News That's Good News


I have LOTS going on and I'm so extremely excited! Even better, I'm having a BLAST!!! I'm going to share my newest two projects with you. They're very dear to me as they both support children's literacy!!!

Literacy Project 1:

The Adventures of AkaPaca & Tatter-Anne
Great Friends

AkaPaca, a young alpaca, and Tatter-Anne, the old barn cat, form an unlikely friendship that's destined to last through all the adventures live provides.

style sample by illustrator Anastasiya Bulavkina
As the first book in the series, Great Friends introduces us to the sweet characters in a style that warms the heart and engages the imagination.

The target audience is K-3 grades. While written at a 2nd grade RL, it's ideal for a "read to me" story. The innocence of youth combined with the wisdom of age blends in a wonderful balance of loving friendship that everyone can enjoy.

This project is seeking supporters that share the dream of providing quality picture books to children who otherwise might not have such an opportunity. Through Pubslush.com and fellow book lovers like you, this project hopes to become reality.

Rewards are offered at 14 levels of donation, ranging from sincere gratitude for everyone donating, to signed copies, bookmarks, and more!

layout concept by illustrator Anastasiya Bulavkina
In limited supply are the top two award levels. Both include a great opportunity for alpaca farms to continue educating young people about these amazing animals. This opportunity allows farms to be listed in a special section of the book for readers to learn more by visiting the sponsoring farm.

Along with these great rewards for your support, you get perhaps the greatest reward... the satisfaction of knowing that a minimum of ONE HUNDRED FIFTY books will be donated to various children's literacy programs in the United States and you helped make it possible.

This project depends on you. CLICK HERE to decide what level you plan to support this literacy project at. Time is short. This project must be funded by June 29, 2015.

Layout concept by illustrator Anastasiya Bulavkina

Literacy Project 2:

Welcome to the Farm

This adorable and fun book starts another series for a slightly younger group. Targeted for Pre-K/Kindergarten level, Plenty of rhythm and repetition in this series. Illustrations will be silly and captivating as we meet the stars of the farm.

Style sample by illustrator Emily Hercock
A fresh look at farm life and animals for young readers and listeners alike. The pattern makes this enjoyable to read over and over as young ones learn through repetition. Easily understood, children will join in quickly.

This project promises to be a wonderful opportunity also. The literacy goals wit this project are international. Both the illustrator, Emily Hercock, and myself EACH plan to donate 100 books to children's charities in our own countries. That's TWO HUNDRED books that you can help place in eager young hands.

The rewards are wonderful here as well. And you get the added benefit of learning about it before the project goes live. (expected by Friday, May 29, 2015)

PLUS.... If we're able to go beyond our goal, we'll donate ANOTHER ONE HUNDRED FIFTY books for EVERY $1000 over our goal!!!

Spread the word, get involved. Literacy means the ability to reach dreams. Help us give these children their dreams.

Keep track of my Pubslush profile for these and future projects. 

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