Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A to Z: Organized Mess


OK, I'm not the greatest at getting organized. I tend to spread out when I work on a project... any project. I have all my supplies around me... somewhere. I really do have a system of sorts. I do like things in their place, I like uncluttered spaces... Really I do.

It's just hard to find them under all my stuff. (insert giggle here)

I make a mess, yes. I even tolerate it to a point. But after that point, I have to go through and make everything pretty and neat again.

Generally, the problem is too many books for the amount of shelving -- not that I have too many books! 

I do have a system. It usually works for me. 

As an example:
When I was a child, I recall that my oldest brother had electronic parts and pieces all over his room. I'd look in and see nothing but mess. However, he knew where everything was when he needed it. 

My mess is usually like this. Just don't move things on me. I generally know where everything is... except for that pencil I just had 5 seconds ago!!! (shake my head and giggle again... isn't it nice that I amuse myself)

I think the important thing to take away from this is to get yourself organized, but do it in a system that works for you or you won't stick to it and it will only add to your frustration. Some mess is fine from where I sit. Life is messy. We can't control everything in life, but we don't need to trash everything either.

Today's three blogs to take a look at. Each with different styles of organization.

  1. Kids' Book Review - great looking site. Lots to see. Well organized. ;)
  2. CYBILS - Children's & Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Award. Nice site and nice concept.
  3. Jen Robinson's Book Page - WOW! I love it. This is my kind of organized mess. Lots there, but everything has a place.

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